Brutal Age Event Schedule Timer

In Brutal Age, Events Play the Most important role in your fast development. A Good Chief never misses the opportunity to get all the rewards of the event. And Try to top the event to get extra Gems and Speedups. If want to get rewards in each event then you need to plan things prior to the event and for this you must know which event is coming next. This Brutal Age Event Timing Tool Help you to find all the event timing so that you won’t miss the opportunity to get more Speeds up and resources as rewards in the events.

Note: This Tool only gives timing of Daily event like – Power Event, Train Event, Rune Event, Research Event, Build, Wish tree, Clean up and Wolves. 


Brutal Age Event Timer Guide

  • Mostly Event Are of 4 hours. and those are not 4 hours then its multiple of 4 like wolves 8 hour(4*2) and barbarian 24 Hour (4.6).
  • This Tool shows each event in 4-hour block so if any event is more than 4 hours you will see more than 1 block of each.
  • The cycle repeats every week for you can see schedule for full week here.

Brutal Age Daily Events List With Description

Power Event  - Any Activity That helps to increase your power can get you points for the event except healing troops won't give any points. This the easiest Event and give a good number of  Universal Speedups.
Research Event - Complete the research in the temple of wisdom to score in the event. Each Minutes of research give to 1 score. Speedups used in research also Countable in the event.
Clean Up - In This event you need to gather resources as much as you can to get more points. You will collection resource and also you will get rewarded for that. It's very cool event and low-level player can also clear to stage of reward.
Training Event - You need to train your army to get points in the event. Higher level troops (T4 or T5) give more points.  (Average Reward)
Runes - Get New Runes or Fuse the existing Runes to Get Points.
Wish Tree - Make Wish from wish tree to get points. Mostly People skip this event because you need to spend gems to get reward in the event.
FullSpeed Build - Completing construction and helping clanmate construction will give you points in the event. Each minute of construction will give 1 point.
Wolves - Kill the Wolves and Gather Resources from those. Be safe while gathering this event can give you lots of clan coins but you need to be careful while gathering wolf of other colors.