Flamens & Flames Buff Introduction

What are Flamens? Flamens have different faiths. They are gods’ heralds in Brutal Age. Flamens can provide all kinds of bonuses for you (increased stats for troops, helping you develop fast, etc). You can cooperate with Flamens to have them help with your conquests on Brutal Land! How many types Flamens have? Currently, we have … Read more

Lil Tyrant War Pattern and Skill Analysis

Lil Tyrant Guide

Lil Tyrant is an Attack Partner that can inflict a lot of poison Debuffs on the enemies.  Also, do damage based on poison debuffs on the enemies. Lil Tyrant was first available in a Brutal Season. RED Lil Tyrant Skill Analysis and War Pattern Leadership Skill – Increase Attack of All Attributes by 25%. Skill … Read more

Brutal Age Update 12.08.2019 [Patch Notes]

WHAT’S NEW – Adjusted the rewards of Ranked Match and Real Time Duel. Now you can get Awaken Materials from the two mentioned events. – Extended the event time for Real Time Duel and optimized Pick and Ban rules – In an upcoming event, the chance to get 5-Star Partners will double! If you don’t … Read more

Brutal Age Optimization Plan

Brutal age Future Plan

After 6 stars awakening update, many big players are upset and they all started protesting again brutal age by not spending for next 1 month. you must have seen Player has added some Chinese word ( 停氪 ) in their profile name. 停氪 word meaning is “Stop spending”. I think more than 70% of big … Read more

Partner Six Senses (Awakening) Update Details [August 2019 ]

There is another Big change Tap4fun made by opening 6-star awakening for some partner and new awaken material that is almost impossible to get for a Free to play player. Awakening will unlock new skills, moral and partner graphics. [toc] What Rare Material you need for awakening after 3 stars? There is new Epic keepsake … Read more

Marionette War Pattern & Skill Analysis

Marionette Guide

A new Marionette Partner has been added to Brutal age. Marionette is a powerful Partner that can control the teammate in battle. Let discuss her skills and war pattern. Red Marionette War Pattern & Skill Analysis Leadership Skill – Increase All Brave Partner ATK by 40%. Skill 1 – Marionette’s Strings Attack an Enemy twice, … Read more

Panda Po War Pattern & Skill Analysis

Panda Po is a new partner that can be obtained from Normal Golden Turtle just like Nomad King, God of Earth, Dagger, And Colonel. I would say that all 3 partners are very powerful, you just need to fit them in the right team. About team combo we will discuss later, maybe in some other … Read more

Privilege Subscription Pack Analysis – Is it good or bad?

Privilege Subscription Pack

Privilege Subscription Pack comes with 14 days and 365 days subscription and you will get daily bonus. this pack is similar to month card. Month card focus on your base growth but privilege pack is mainly focused on the partner system. In my opinion, Brutal age is nowadays less greedy than they used to be. … Read more

Awaken Materials Needed For Any 3, 4 & 5 Star Partner

Partner Awakening Material

When you awaken your partner you need certain type on awakening material and some partner to evolve. In this guide, I will list what type of material you will need to awakening your partner to any star. Below you can see 3 tables for natural 3 star, 4 stars, and 5-star partner. In each table, … Read more

Master Toise War Pattern & Skill Analysis

Green Master Toise

Now I think, I should stop writing some stupid introduction about the partner because Brutal age is releasing partner so fast and it’s hard to say about a particular partner. Now it’s all about your team combination. every partner is good in some team combination. Let’s Discuss war pattern for a new Tank Master Toise … Read more