Flamens & Flames Buff Introduction

What are Flamens?

Flamens have different faiths. They are gods’ heralds in Brutal Age. Flamens can provide all kinds of bonuses for you (increased stats for troops, helping you develop fast, etc). You can cooperate with Flamens to have them help with your conquests on Brutal Land!

How many types Flamens have?

Currently, we have five Flamen positions. They are Saintess, War Flamen, Death Flamen, Blessing Flamen, and Astrology Flamen. They can provide you with different bonuses and among them Saintess has greater bonuses and active skills.
Unique Faith System Design

Flamens have unique Faith effects. Faith will increase ATK and DEF for all your troops, and rally troops. In a rally, up to 10 players’ Faith effects will work.

How to get Flamens

There are many ways to get Flamens, and you can choose ways you prefer to get them.

Corrupted Temple

Corrupted Temple

Corrupted Temples will appear on the map and they have 25 levels. Flamen Shards can be obtained from clearing a Corrupted Temple of a certain level for the first time; Faith Crystals can be obtained from destroying Corrupted Temples.

Flamen Store

You can use Faith Crystals to exchange for Flamen Shards in the store.


There are both scheduled and unscheduled Flamen related events. You can get Flamen Shards from events directly.

Mine Island

Participate in Mine Island Contest to directly get Flamen related rewards

Flamen Introduction

Despite Faith effects, each Flamen can provide unique bonuses and even active skills! Cooperate with Flamens to make you more powerful in the Brutal Age.

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