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Runes can be used to give you extra stats and there are few runes that are especially critical for growth. These mainly are the construction runes, research runes, resources gathering runes, offence/defence runes, and hospital capacity runes.

Always fuse to upgrade your construction/research runes to the highest level as fast as you can. But if you are not able to get a level up, then keep it till the whispering runes event to get points and rewards off of it.

For instant, if you have 9 level 1 research runes, go ahead and fuse them so that you can get a level 3 research rune. This will help you speed up your research.

However, if you have only 7 level 1 research runes, fuse 3 of them to get a level 2, and keep the remaining 4 for the whispering rune event as it is pointless to make 2 level 2 runes.

Always fill up all the necessary runes needed to get the bonus stats for construction and research. This will give you even further construction/research reduction.

Unlock all rune page if possible so that you can save different set of runes into different pages. Else you have to change them manually each time you want to use it.


Runewords gives you an extra bonus when you combine a few patterns of runes together. Here rune in middle play an important role and rest runes are the supporting runes that help to complete runeword for an extra bonus.

Which Runewords best for the early stage?

In the early stage, you do lots of construction. and for this stage [WHITE OAK] Runeword is the best as it will give you construction boost.

These Runes you needed to make  [WHITE OAK] Runewords


you can get upto 90% boost in construction with [WHITE OAK]

Guest Post Written by XnightsnowX


  1. Syn says:

    2 other runewords that are very important are Fine Pottery for Reasearch and Desert Sandstorm for Combat.

  2. Bazinga says:

    The game allows you 4 runes setup. However, I have identified 6-9 cases where I need runes: gathering, production (when I sleep), war attack, war defense, construction speed, research speed and various troop training speed. I have setup my 4 slots to reflect the gathering, production, attack and defense as they are the hardest to setup and they are used for a period of time. The last 5 (“white oak” for construction, “fine pottery” for research etc) are not set up in the four slots because I only need them when I start research, construction or training and I find each time the runes combo from the menu. Can you provide 4 examples of rune setup for gathering, production, war attack and defense? Thank you

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