War Strategies

Hi Guys, this is a general guide for those that want to learn how to fight. Please note that this is only my advice based on past experience. It might not be the best so if there’s any feedback please let me know in comment Section.



  1. Make sure you have teleports and shields ready.
  2. Talent to be set to that of the battle tree
  3. Runes to be set to battle war runes.
    1. What runes to put depends on what you have so play around with it. For the blue rune, it is recommended to use “Purity” (If you can get level 5 for this rune), or “Limpidity”. These 2 runes will increase your hospital capacity. In this way, even if enemy attack, you can save more troops, and give you time to shield or random teleport away.
  4. Give away or used up all rss that are not protected
  5. Have good reinforcement capacity so that people can help to protect you (Critical)
  6. Have good hospital capacity so that your troops will be hospitalized, not killed (Critical)

Fighting Tips

 Never send a full march with only 1 tier of troops

If you have t3 and above, never ever send a full march of 1 tier troop. If you have t3, send a mixture of t3 and t2. If you have t4/t5 send a mixture of t4/t5 with t3. The lower tier troops will act as meat shield, protecting your higher tier troops (Higher tier troops cost more resources and take a longer time to build, so it is better to protect them). This means that the troops that die first is your lower tier troops.

The ratio to send is around 90% of your strongest troop, and 10% of the lower tier as meat shield. Play around with the numbers depending on how strong your enemy is.


The best strategy for war is to port and fight, but this will definitely be costly. If your power overwhelms the opponent, you can easily port to their tile and hit. However, if your power is on par or slightly below, hitting them will not be that worth because your troops died while theirs is only hospitalized., Always scout if possible so that you know what is coming but don’t take too long to attack. Enemy will be aware and this will give them time to reinforce or hide their troops.

If your power does not overwhelm the opponent, NEVER EVER port to their tile and hit. This is because, if you get hit while you are on your tile, your troops will be hospitalized. However, if you get hit while you are on enemy tiles, your troops will be killed immediately.

Port to a neutral tile and attack from there. In this case, even if enemies were to hit your outpost, your troops will not die but only be hospitalized. Even if you send your entire march over and think there is nothing for enemy to hit you, that is a risk.

If the attack is successful/fail and your troops is marching back to your outpost, enemies can easily port beside you and zero you out because you are on their tile. Your troops die while theirs are only hospitalized. If that really happen, prepare to instantly port away once your troops are back immediately, or prepared to shield so that enemies cant hit you.

War boost

Use these if you need to have stronger power. Have anti-scout on if you do not want the enemy to know the count/type of troops you have. Use increase march capacity if you want that extra boost of troops.

Hiding your troop

By now you should know how to hide your troops – either

1) Shield

2) Start a fake rally

3)Reinforce outpost that has a shield or many troops.

Troops that are in the rally will never be killed even if enemy hit your outpost.

If your outpost is being reinforced, NEVER EVER teleport to enemy tile. By doing so, you are putting all the reinforced troops at risk. If the enemy hits your outpost, all those troops that are reinforcing you will be killed. However, if you are on your own horde tile, these reinforced troops will only be hospitalized.

The amount of troops that can be hospitalized is depending on your hospital size. So if your troop count is higher, hide them when needed.

Taking down huge power targets

This can be done by either continuous bombardment of troops to weaken their power so that higher power can take them down, or starting a rally.

Continuous bombardment of troops


  1. Fast


  1. Troop killed will be high.
  2. If enemy is online, they can just easily shield once they hit their hospital capacity



  1. Higher chance of crippling the target if he is not online


  1. Need a minimum timing of 5 minutes. This gives the enemy lots of time to reinforce the outpost. Defence always have an upper edge compared to the offense so even if the troop count is the same for instance, high chance the defending party will win.
  2. The enemy can easily shield to block your rally if he is online


Advance War Techniques

Trap city

One way of attacking is to get your outpost filled with reinforcement and then port and hit. The larger your reinforcement, the more aggressive you can be. This even allow you to directly port to an enemy tile and hit them without any risk.

For instance, if you have 1m reinforcement, even if enemy send a 200k march at you, they will hardly do any damage. Instead, it could help to cripple them too. The Attack will immediately backfire, fill their hospital, and whatever remaining troops will all be killed. Always have anti scout on if possible. This is the role of a trap city which the details will be explain further below.

Timing troop march back to the outpost

Another strategy is to time the enemy troops that are return and port at the last minute to hit them. To do this, you need to be certain how long your March takes to travel on enemy tiles. Once you know, you will be able to time it correctly and hit the enemy just as their march are returning.

Gathering bait

To do this, it is preferred if you can have someone else to help you that is if stronger power.

Send your troops out to gather on your own Color tile, baiting enemies to Attack. When enemies port beside the tile to attack, immediately recall your troops that are gathering.

Meanwhile, your partner will immediately port beside the enemy and hit them while they are still on your Color tile. This allows you to zero them.

However if the enemy choose to port to a neutral and hit you from there, don’t worry as well. Once he send his March out, wait for it. When he was about to hit, immediately recall your troops.

Meanwhile, your partner will immediately port beside the gathering pile and fill it with a full strong march. In this way, the enemy will end up hitting a stronger target instead of a weaker one, losing more troops in the process.

Using war items to minimize power and confuse the enemy

Use March capacity boost if you want to minimize losses. This gives you a greater power to overwhelm your enemy and decrease the amount of troops killed when Attack. Use speed up to affect the timer of the troops march so that your enemies are unable to keep track of your march timer.


Advance teleport: This is best use to port beside the enemy and hit them immediately, giving them no warnings and doing an extremely fast attack.  Another way to use this is to port to neutral ground so that you can Attack from there.

Friendly teleport: To be used to port to your own horde tile for Attack. Usually this can be used as support – having someone to advance teleport to a neutral ground, turning it to your horde Color, then porting beside them so that you can Attack with your clan mates. This will be cheaper for those who can’t afford.

Random teleport: Best used after using advance teleport. After porting beside an enemy, you will be prone to getting hit and you want to get out of there as fast as possible before you get hit. Random teleport will be the fastest and cheapest way to get out of safety.

War Roles

Everyone can play a part in war to help the team. This is a team and coordination game, and nothing about just raw power. Look at the roles below and find one that suits you best.

Main Offense

Role: To be the main attacker. Usually, this person will be in charge of starting the rally to hit enemies.


  • Max level on hall of war
  • Strong partners and war pattern
  • Aim to complete t5 troops and willing to spend
  • A good set of runes
  • Max march capacity


Role: To support the main offense rally with troops, or to reinforce his outpost


  •  T3/T4/T5 troops

Trap City

Role: To bait enemy to attack you thinking you are weak and easy to kill. Only when they do so, they will be surprised to find it heavily reinforced. You will lose a lot of power but don’t forget, your troops are hospitalized, while the enemy is killed.

  • High hospital capacity
  • Max horn of defense
  • Max hospital capacity research to as high as possible
  • Max reinforcement capacity research to as high as possible
  • Anti-scout


Role: To gather intel on enemies through his own ways and means.

Guest Post Written By XnightsnowX


  1. rookie says:

    How would you hide a large number of troops without shielding? Example: your total number of troops exceeds (march capacity) x (total number of marches + rally).

  2. admin says:

    Hi Rookie,
    First of all, I would suggest you to take shield if your army exceeds your (march capacity * x number of marches + rally). but if you ware on another server during server war then you can buy extra march and march capacity boost.

  3. Unknown says:

    How to stop Chinese from killing a server?

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