How to Save, Retrieve and Edit Bookmarks in Brutal Age

Bookmarking is Cool! Right?

It helps to save the locations for your favorite locations. Even you can mark your friend and enemy as bookmark. In this guide, we will tell you how can save, edit and retrieve bookmarks. To be honest, when I started brutal age I get to know how to save bookmark easily. but it takes time to find edit option. So I thought of making this guide. you can check our other guides from the homepage.

How to Save Bookmark in the brutal age

To save location in brutal age go to map and click on any location. Now you will see share option in the left corner (Refer image). click on that and you will get option Bookmark, chat channels and messages. Simply click on the bookmark and save your bookmark.

How to edit Bookmark in the brutal age

To Edit your bookmarks goto map area and click on that Girl icon (left bottom). After clicking you will get an option bookmark click on that and you can see all your saved bookmark in 3 section – favorite, friends, and enemy. If you want to edit/rename or delete you can do all here.

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