20 Ways to Get More Resources in Brutal Age

Hi Cheif, After Certain Level, you always lack in resources. And without resource you can’t build, train or research. Resources are the main thing that you need for almost every task that helps you grow. today we will tell you all the possible way to get more resources.

20 Ways to Get More Resources in Brutal Age

Yes, there are more than 20 ways you can get resources. Let’s check out these.


Hunting is the most common practice to get resources. find monster on map sends troops to gather.


Attack Other Player and steal their unprotected resources.


One the easiest way to produce resource just make terraform around your outpost. you can change it number of times account to your need.

🤝Seek help from your clan

Ask your High-Level Friends for Help. But don’t forget to replay it :p

🏪Get resources from the store

the Last option you need is to buy from the store.

🌳Use the golden tree

Everyday collect from Golden Tree

🐿️Catch the squirrel

helped me a lot to get meat packets.

🔍Search relics

Clan relic can also give resource packet of random type.

⚒️Participate in workshop quests

Complete quest to get resources and other rewards.

✔️Complete missions 

complete mission given by brutal girl.

🏘️Build more outposts and upgrade them

Building more outpost gives you more area and hence it will crease you production speed.

💚Join the Green Horde

Green Horde give you Free Resource by nature every day.

📈Develop talent for growth

Put you talent on Production and gathering speed.

🔬Research in Development

Do research to increase your production and gathering speed.

💪Improve your character level to receive rewards resources

when you level up you get some rewards.

Use rune to get resources gathering/production buff

use runes to increase your production and gathering speed.

🏆Participate in events to get resources

Daily events also give resources packet as reward after scoring some points.

🗿Occupy Totems

Occupy totem as much as and your whole clan get reward every day.

🏹Attack the monster! (In Monster Hunter)

Hit the Dragon and get resource packets.

🍖 Temple 

Ask Your Warcheilf for druid title so that your resources production speed increase by 10%. Also, Warchilf can use skill natural grace to get more monster to hunt.

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