Clan Coins

Clan Coin is a type of currency which can be used to buy items from clan store. And the Good thing is you don’t need to spend real money to get these coins. But you must join a clan to get clan coins. There are serval ways to get more clan coins. Let’s discuss all of them.

Where to Get Clan Coins?

Help ClanMates: If your clanmate is doing construction, there is an option shows on your screen “clan help”. with that you can earn up to 10000 clan coins daily by helping your friends.

Clan Quest: Completing Clan quest will give you Clan coins, Exp and resource too. Tap on Workshop building to open it.

Temple War: During Temple war also you can get clan coins it will be based upon the score you get during temple war attack/defense.

Wolves Event: During Wolves event you can get huge clan coin so don’t miss out that Event. Its occur once in a week for 8 hours.

Clan Store (Which Item is worth buying from clan store?)

Assumption Rate = 200 Clan Coins for every 1 gem worth of value

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Items Actual Clan Coins Value  Actual Gems value Expected Clan Coins Value Ratio  ( Expected  vs Actual )
15 Min Speed Up 14000 1500 (1 day speed up) 3125 1:4.5
3 Hour Speed Up 60000 1500 (1 day speed up) 37500 1:1.6
15 Hour Speedup 200000 1500 (1 day speed up) 187500 1:1.1
Random Teleport 100000
Advance Teleport 300000 1500 300000 1:1
Friendly Teleport 100000 500 100000 1:1
Change Name 8000 40 8000 1:1
Change Avatar 1600 80 1600 1:1
Gathering Boost 120000 600 120000 1:1
Change Horde 2000000 10000 200000 1:1
10,000 Hero XP 20000 400 (50,000 XP) 16000 1:1.25
Talent Reset 200000 1000 200000 1:1
8 Hour Peace Shield 100000 500 100000 1:1
Attack Boost (12 Hour) 50000 250 50000 1:1
Defense Boost (12 Hour) 50000 250 50000 1:1
March Recall 8000 40 8000 1:1

Hence, if you are going to use gems to buy peace shield or boost or teleports, it is better to buy them in clan store, and use the gems for other uses (to buy 1-day boost or turtles etc). But 15 min speedups, 3 hours speedups and Hero XP is not worth buying from Clan store.  Speed up should only be purchased if you don’t plan to buy ports or any of the rest.

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