Peace Shield

Peace Shield protects you from attack and scout on your outpost. You can activate Pease shield if you are not playing for some hours to keep your troops and resources Safe.

It is the very powerful item and it can save you from many troubles.

Peace Shield Cost/Value

The Peace Shield has several different lengths of time, and are valued differently depending on the duration.

Item Duration Cost (Gems) Value (lower is better)

8 Hour Peace Shield

500 G 62.5 G/hr

24 Hour Peace Shield

1500 G

62.5 G/hr

3 Day Peace Shield

2500 G

34.7 G/hr

30 Day Peace Shield 45000 G

62.5 G/hr

Note: you can get 8-hour peace shield in exchange for clan Coins too.

When to use?

If your server is not on peace then you will need this item more frequently.

If someone more powerful than you is attacking and you don’t have reinforcement then use this item to save your troops and resources.

During Barbarian war you can use it.

How could I get attacked during the peace shield?

Although when having an activated pease shield you can’t be attacked/scout by your enemy. But your troops which are out for gathering can be attacked. Also, if you sent reinforcement to other players it can also be attacked.

Note: Scouting, rally, attack action will break your peace shield, Also, teleport on a swamp land will break it, too.

I hope after reading this post you got to know that what is peace shield item in brutal age and how to use it.


  1. MaryAnn Perry says:

    How do you check the remaining time on your peace shield

    • admin says:

      There is a building Called “Mighty Stone” Just Above Golden Tree. Click on that and you can check Peace shield remaining time and all your active bonuses.

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