Hall of War

Hall of War Building helps to increase you rally capacity. it is the hardest building upgrade as it needs a special item “Skull Pile” to upgrade.

Note: You need to upgrade Hall of War to level 24 to make your Stronghold level 25.

Here you can check all the resources and skull pile requirement for each level

Note 1 –  Time May Vary depending on your research

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Hall of War Building Upgrade

Building Level
Level Rally Capacity Time (Approx) Wood Meat Mana Stone Ivory Building Requirements
1 25k
2 50k 04:42 1.1K 1,1K 0 0 0 Horn of Defense Level-2
Skull Pile 1x
3 75k 09:24 2.2k 2.2k 0 0 0 Horn of Defense Level-3
Skull Pile 2x
4 100k 4.1k 4.1k 0 0 0 Horn of Defense Level-4
Skull Pile 5x
5 125k 7.8k 7.8k 0 0 0 Horn of Defense Level-5
Skull Pile 15x
6 150k 15.6K 15.6K 0 0 0 Horn of Defense Level-6
Skull Pile 35x
7 175k 31.3K 31.3K 0 0 0 Horn of Defense Level-7
Skull Pile 60x
8 200k 2:18:42* 62.6K 62.6K 0 0 0 Horn of Defense Level-8
Skull Pile 90x
9 225k 04:56:17 125.1K 125.1K 0 125.1K 0 Horn of Defense Level-9
Skull Pile 100x
10 250k 09:52:35 187.7K 187.7K 0 187.7K 0 Horn of Defense Level-10
Skull Pile 150x
11 300k 11:44:35 281.6K 281.6K 0 281.6K 187.7K Horn of Defense Level-11
Skull Pile 200
12 350k 14:13:20 422.3K 422.3K 0 422.3K 281.6K Horn of Defense Level-12
Skull Pile 25
13 400k 17:03:59 633.5K 633.5K 0 633.5K 422.3K Horn of Defense Level-13
Skull Pile 300
14 450k 20:28:47 950.3K 950.3K 0 950.3K 633.5K Horn of Defense Level-14
Skull Pile 400
15 500k 1d00:34:33 1.4M 1.4M 0 1.4M 950.3K Horn of Defense Level-15
Skull Pile 500
16 550k 0 Horn of Defense Level-16
Skull Pile 700
17 600k 1d13:59:11 2.4M 2.4M 0 2.4M 1.6M Horn of Defense Level-17
Skull Pile 900
18 650k 0 Horn of Defense Level-18
Skull Pile 1.1К
19 700k 4.1М 4.1М 0 4.1М 2.7М Horn of Defense Level-19
Skull Pile 1.3К
20 750k 5.3М 5.3М 0 5.3М Horn of Defense Level-20
Skull Pile 1.5К
21 1M 6.4М 6.4М 0 6.4М 4.2М Horn of Defense Level-21
Skull Pile 1.7К
22 1.25M 7.6M 7.6M 0 7.6M 5.1M Horn of Defense Level-22
Skull Pile 2К
23 1.5M 9.1M 9.1M 0 9.1M 6.1M Horn of Defense Level-23
Skull Pile 2.4К
24 1.75M 11M 11M 0 11M 7.3M Horn of Defense Level-24
Skull Pile 2.8К
25 2M 13.2M 13.2M 0 13.2M 8.8M Horn of Defense Level-25
Skull Pile 3.5К

*Source Brutal age Wiki