How to Increase Army March Capacity Size in Brutal age

We all want to increase army march capacity so that can send more troops while attacking, reinforcing, in rally and gathering resources. In this guide, we will tell you all the possible way to increase more march capacity in Brutal age. You have seen people attacking with marching capacity more than 450k (top level players). So How they got some much march size while some are in between 150k-200k only. So let check out all the methods to increase march capacity.

March Capacity

March Capacity

5 ways to Increase Army March Capacity in Brutal age

Upgrade you Outpost Portal

this is the most common method to increase march capacity. Each level of upgrade will give you some increase in march capacity. So once you reach level 25 Outpost portal that is not so easy. Your march capacity will increase to 200k troops.

March Capacity Research

In the Research Outpost section, you can increase your outpost march capacity. For that, your Temple of wisdom should be level 18 and you should have completed outpost IV research. You can increase march capacity up to 100k with research.

So if you finish level 25 outpost portal and March Capacity research then you can get 300k march capacity.

Use items to Boost March Capacity 

This will be a temporary increment but you will get enough time to kill your enemy. March capacity boost item you can buy from the store that can increase 25% or 50% of your march size. 25% increase will cost you around 2500 coins and it will last of 4 hours. You might get March capacity boost item from the special events like mammoth hunting.

if you Use 50% boost Bonus then you size will increase to 450k

Get Title From Temple (Guardian )

Guardian Title From Temple can boost your march capacity by 5%.


There are Rare Runes too that can increase your March Capacity but those are very very hard to get. Sometime mammoth hunting event offer these type of runes to players who get top 3 ranks.


you will get +12000 marching capacity when you upgrade your Ragehorn to 6 stars. and with tryant talent effect, you can get a maximum of +40000 march capacity. the increase in march capacity of dragonkin is permanent. but again it will be very costly and not possible for a F2P player.

So if I exclude Rune and Dragonkin as those are hard to get I guess only around 150 players have this rune in the whole game. You can increase your march size to 480k

200k (Outpost portal) + 100k (Research) + 180k (50% march Bonus + 10% temple title) = 480k

So what is your current March Capacity? reply to us in the comment box


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