Partner Awakening Guide

Partner Awakening is an advanced feature in the brutal age. And The item used in Partner Awakening is so precious. So Don’t waste on random partners. Before start awakening, you should know which Partner is good. And once you choose your partner and the Put a perfect Pair of war Pattern then awake that partner to the max. This Guide helps you to understand Partner Awakening and which partner you should awake first.

Partner Awakening – Basic Things need to know

  • Weekly Stone Coin Limit: 800 Stone Coins
  • Resets each Monday at 0:00 UTC
  • When using partners as the awakening material you DO GET the skill upgrade as well if it is the same partner (Just like evolving or adding XP, with the same partner).
  • you will need a total of 18 Rare Keepsakes to awaken a partner from 1* to 3*
  • You will need a total of 33 Common Keepsakes to awaken a partner from 1* to 3*
  • Natural 5-Star Partners require 2 Marksmen of the color they restrain or counter in addition to a natural 5 star partner and 6 natural 4 star partners to 3* Awaken (Example: To Awaken a Blue Nomad King you will need 2 Red Marksmen and 1 natural 5-Star partner such as another nomad king.)
  • Natural 4-Star Partners require 2 Double Blade Girls of the color they restrain or counter, in addition to 3 natural 4 star partners, and 3 natural 3 star partners to 3* Awaken. (Example: To Awaken a Red Guitarist you will need 2 Green Double Blade Girls.)
  • Natural 3-Star Partners / Natural 2-Star Partners require 2 Fierce Beasts of the color they restrain or counter, in addition to 3 natural 4 star partners, and 3 natural 3 star partners. (Example: To Awaken a Green Dragonman you will need 2 Blue Fierce Beasts. To Awaken a Red Treeman you will need 2 Green Fierce Beasts.)

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Awakening Partner Priority List

This is the awakening priority chart in my opinion. High priority means these are the partners you should focus on 3-star awakening first before others. There is no particular order in each tier, (Besides Green God of Earth, if you have one he should be the first green you evolve.)

High Priority

  • Green God of Earth
  • Green Scarecrow
  • Green Desert Prince
  • Green Colonel
  • Green Catfish Fighter
  • Blue Colonel
  • Blue God of Earth
  • Red Guitarist
  • Red Colonel
  • Red Ursa Huntress

Medium Priority

  • Green Nomad King
  • Green Dragonman
  • Green Demon Killer
  • Blue Nomad King
  • Blue Black Shaman
  • Red God of Earth
  • Red Nomad King
  • RED Drum Beater

Low Priority

  • Green Double Blade Girl
  • Green Fierce Beast
  • Green Mr. Dagger
  • Green Boar
  • Blue Mr. Dagger
  • Blue Berserker
  • Blue Fierce Beast
  • Blue Boar
  • Red Dragonman
  • Red Mr. Dagger
  • Red Zyra
  • Red Fierce Beast
  • Red Treeman


  1. Larry says:

    Any War Pattern recommendations for Wild (green) Scarecrow? Thanks.

  2. kate says:

    (Example: To Awaken a Blue Nomad King you will need 2 Red Marksmen, and 1 natural 5-Star partner such as another nomad king.)
    please, Specify and explain me about Blue Nomad King you will need 2 Red Marksmen, and 1 natural 5-Star partner such as another nomad king that mean just only blue nomad king or mean all color nomad king? And Can use another natural 5-Star partner such as Blue Mr. Dagger,Green Colonel?

    • admin says:

      Hi Kate,
      1 Natural 5-Star means any 5-star partner can be used not only nomad king. you can even use your blue Mr. Dagger or any other. but it’s recommended using the same partner because that will enhance skill too.

  3. Lil' lion says:

    Hello, what you think about Red Demon killer and Red Double-Blade girl?
    I have both on 2* and I don’t know who is better at awakening to the third star ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Btw, it will be my first 3*. (I have in my “best six” partners blue Nomad King, blue Black Shaman, green Drume Beater, green Scarecrow, red DB girl and Red Daemon killer).
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      You should Awake green scarecrow first.

      • Lil' lion says:

        Yes, I know it, but I don’t have even one blue DB Girl for Scarecrow.
        But I have two green DB Girls which I can use for the red partners like red DB Girl, or red Demon Killer. And I dont know who will be better and on who I should to use it?
        Thank you 🙂

        • admin says:

          RED Demon killer is not so good and red DBG also won’t help you in the later game. I think you should wait for other good partners.

          • Lil' lion says:

            I have to thank you! I was waiting as you said and it paid off!
            Because now I got Red Drum Beater!
            I had five green drum beaters, but you wrote in your article about the Drumers that the Red is best, so I was waiting for him and meanwhile I trained a green ones to 5 stars and now I used them for leveling and skilling up the Red one.
            So now I have 6 stars Red drum beater which I can awake on third star for his leader skill CR, because you helped me with you advice about waiting 🙂
            So great thanks for helping me and creating this very helpful website! 🙂

  4. AH says:

    if you have to choose between Green Scarecrow 3 star awakening or Green Catfish Fighter 3 star awakening , which one will you choose first??

    • admin says:

      If you really need a Support for your offense team then green catfish or else go for Scarecrow because without 3-star awakening scarecrow is useless.

  5. AH says:

    Thank you.
    one more question: you mentioned that Green GOE should be the fist to evolve, Why?

    • admin says:

      In High Priority list, all partner 3rd awakening is more important than the rest. In the case of Green Goe, Green goe is a speed leader and mostly we use him with the spd team. Even his 3rd skill that makes team partner skill available need spd so that can frequently use it. so spd is an important factor for him and if you look at his 3rd awakening skill it increases spd by 16. After 3rd your base speed will be 113. and as a leader, it will be apx. 138 without using any war pattern. isn’t that cool?

  6. Shan says:

    Which one is better, red demon killer or red scarecrow?
    Scarecrow has a better defense for sure even at a lower level.

  7. Ana says:

    i can´t seem to awaken my blue black shaman, and my red double blade more than 3 stars.Why is that?

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