War Patterns

What is a war pattern? War Patterns are the pieces of armor for your partners to wear which will enhance their base stats. Base stats are the stats of a partner without any armor or extra buffs/ abilities (the white number). There are 6 different Pieces of armor, Helmet, Left Arm, Right Arm, Chest, Left Leg, and Right Leg. There are 14 different types of armor (Currently As on July 2019)

Types of  War Patterns

  • Hippo (Set of 2) +15% HP –   Riverside
  • Smilodon (Set of 4) +35% ATK –  Mount
  • Wolf (Set of 2) +12% CR –  Plain
  • Bull (Set of 2) +15% DEF –  Ice Lake
  • Badger (Set of 4) +40% CRD –  Forest
  • Cat (Set of 4) +35% Speed.    –  Anc. Battlefield
  • Corsac (Set of 2) +20% Hit – Seaside
  • Rabbit (Set of 2) +20% RES – Cave
  • Lion (Set of 2) +8% ATK – Floating island (New)
  • Owl (Set of 2) +10% Team RES – Magic Feild (New)
  • Saya (Set of 4) +25% Stun Rate –Lonely Warrior Saya / Forge
  • Ian (Set of 4) +35% Life Steal – Lonely Warrior Ian / Forge
  • Thera (Set of 2) +1 Round of Immunity – Lonely Warrior Thera / Forge
  • Whale (Set of 2) +8% Team HP – Fishing Locations

I recommend farming for armor on Purgatory difficulty and only keeping 4/5 star armor (5* only if you’re higher level already).
The base stat of the armor is the starting value of the topmost stat on the piece of armor. You can find 3 different rarity levels of armor in the adventures. White border, Green border, or Blue border.

White only reveals the base level stat, whereas green reveals the base level, secondary, and blue reveals both and a third stat.

The benefit of finding green or blue bordered armor is it allows you to plan for your partners specific needs better by showing you what will be enhanced when you upgrade your armor, also the stats will ultimately be higher than that of a white armor as they are prevalent at level 1, and will be upgraded on top of what is already there.

Armor Levels

Armor starts at level 0, every time you enhance the armor it gets +1. Every level added to the armor will enhance the base stat of that armor, and the maximum armor level is 15. Please note that there is a “Fail rate” where you can attempt to upgrade armor and it fails costing you more souls. The higher you go the more it costs, and the more likely to fail. I recommend stopping at level 6 or level 9 until you’re certain you have the armor you want. I also recommend upgrading the armor in levels of 3 in order to obtain the next “Bonus” stat that you will receive.

Every 3 levels of upgrades you will either enhance a secondary stat, or add a new stat and the armor border will change colors.

  • Level 1-2 (White Border)
  • Level 3-5 (Green border)
  • Level 6-8 (Blue Border)
  • Level 9-11 (Orange Border)
  • Level 12-15 (Purple Border)

When you find a green or blue border in the adventure it is still level 1, but displays the stats of a level 3 or 6 armor respectively.

One final thing to note. There are some armors that always have a certain base stat, however, the secondary stats can change.

Left Leg – Base stat is always DEF+

Right Leg – Base stat is always HP+

Chest – Base stat is always ATK+

Helmet, Left arm, and Right arm can all have different base stats. But Few Attributes are only found in one of them.

SPD+ Base stat can only be found on Left Hand

CR/CRD% Can only be found on Helmets

RES/HIT% Can only be found on Right Hand

Want to Know More?

Check Out Our Advanced War Pattern Guide


  1. Kevin says:

    I cant seem to find where I apply armor

  2. Little Fairy says:

    Hi Kevin.
    You’re comment has been here for a while so I hope you’ve figured it out. But in case you haven’t; here’s a guideline:
    Bottom right of your screen is a warrior face (Partner), go there.
    Select a partner.
    Bottom left you’ll see Attributes (crossed swords), next to that is War Pattern (rune-like stone). Choose War Pattern.
    Now you can either pick them individually by tapping on any of the 5 slots, or go by genre. I prefer genre, so – Press Inventory.

    To equip, simply pick what you want and Equip. DO NOT just equip with another pattern afterwards, you’ll lose the item you originally had on. Select the item you want to remove, Press on the shirt with the down arrow (Blue button next to the item name), and remove. I’ve lost maaaaaaany 5star war Patterns by accidentally doing this..

    Additionally, it’s suggested that you get rid of 1 – 3 star war patterns as you advance. Selling them earns you Soul.
    To do this, go back to the Inventory but this time, look around the middle of your screen for the word “Inventory”. Next to it is a blue bag. Select that. Now you can either pick individual items or select entire fields (all 1, 2, 3 star etc)

    Fun Tip:
    You can see how many of each war pattern (Hippo, Wolf, Badger etc) you need on a partner in order to activate certain advantages. Go in to any of those options and take note of the numbers. For example, A set of 2 Rabbit pieces will increase the resistance of your partner by 20%. So choose your patterns carefully because they eventually become quite expensive to remove.

    Good luck!

  3. Christopher says:

    I have a blue lil tyrant not sure what to go with attack or hp doesnt work

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