Partner Lineup Basics – 3 Major Type of Lineup

Are you still confused about how to lineup your team?

Don’t worry ūüėÄ

In this Guide, we will tell you Very Basic Rule for making a good partner lineup. Before we start let me clear few things.

  • There is no Stronger lineup in battle – Any team can be countered by another. Because Every player has a different partner set on their partners.
  • There is no Strongest Partner –¬† if we talk about a single partner then it’s hard to tell which partner is strong because its depend on your team and war pattern. Because team corporation matters a lot.
  • Initial star doesn’t mean strength – I saw many times that a 3 star or 4* team beating 5* team.

3 Major Type of Partner Lineup

Partner Lineup can be divided into 3 basic types: Control Team, Stable team, and High Damage Team.

Control Team

Specialty – Continuously Limit Enemy Action/Damage/Speed until killed.

Typical Partners –¬†Red Earth God, Green Desert Prince, Blue Black Shaman, Blue Wild Boar, Green Dragonman etc.

Strong Against –¬†Slow Speed lineup, Low Hp high damage lineup,

Weak Against Рfaster lineup, high resistance immune lineup,

Things to Consider –¬†

Control team is also known as a speed team. so team matter a lot. because if you need to take action first in order to control enemy action.

Stable Team

Specialty – High HP, Recovery, Take Advantage in the long battle

Typical Partners –¬†Blue Nomad King, Red Guitarist, Green Catfish, Blue Berserker, Green Colonol, Red Drum Beater etc.

Strong Against – Damage Team,

Weak Against РHigh Speed and High Damage Team,

Damage Team

Specialty – High Damage, Ability to do critical damage and quickly kill the enemy.

Typical Partner –¬†Green Scarecrow (3* Awakened), Blue Magic Flying Knife, Green/Red Double-blade Girl, Red Blonde beauty etc

Strong Against – High HP Team, Damage Team

weak Against – Speed and control team

Mixed Match Lineup

Mix above three types of lineup and make according to Enemy Lineup.

Typical combinations

Typical lineup:

Control + Damage : Red Ursa Huntress (Leader) + Blue Earth + Blue Mr. Dagger + Red colonel

Control + HP/Recovery/Heal : Blue Shaman (Leader) + Green Dragonmon + Red Nomad + Green Catfish

HP + Damage : Red Nomad King ( Leader) + Red Colonol + Blue Colonol + Red Nomad.

Note:  For beginners, I would suggest making single type line up and once you have knowledge on all these lineups then try to make mixed match lineup

You can change partner accordingly in each team as you may not have some partners. but make sure that use partners that fall into the same lineup strategy. For Example in Stable team if you don’t have Green Catfish then you can use red drum beater.

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