Brutal Age Tips, Cheats, and Strategy That Most People Don’t know

Even if you are playing brutal age for a while, still there are few things or you say hidden secrets that you don’t know. Today we will cover All these secret strategies with you.

Note: We called it “Cheats” because most of the people don’t know about these.

Brutal Age Tips, Cheats, and Strategy

Black Horde Secret

Most of us don’t want to stay in black horde as it doesn’t give you any benefits like other horde and also it does have elites and horde leader. But Black Horde has some dark feature that we don’t know. we already discussed in our horde article that In black horde, players who is not in the same clan can attack each other without barbarian war too.

So How this is beneficial?

It is very beneficial during server war.  We know that server war starts one hour before the barbarian war. if you want to clean up the server before the enemy gets hands on it. Then you can’t clean your own horde before barbarian and this will become very difficult if most of the player is in one Horde.

But if you are in black horde then easily can clean before the server war start. this strategy is very useful for old servers because they have done with their construction and research. and doesn’t need horde color benefit.

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Research Loop Hole

We know that Research takes lots of time but in the development section, The Stone Gathering Research Time is way less than others. you can Complete that research from level 1-15 in less than 100 Hours. I am not sure that this is a bug or the developer did it like this.

P.S – I would suggest you to finish that research asap because this can be fixed anytime by the developer.

Hall Of War Upgrade

If you are upgrading Hall of War then don’t purchase Skull Pie and then Upgrade it. Instead, use “Complete Now” because this will cost way less than Purchasing Skull Pile. Make sure to Put Construction Talent, Runes and Title from Temple.

Also, you can increase your bonus with dragonkin blessing.

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Most Efficient Troops

T1 Warrior is the most Efficient Troops for collecting Resources if you are collecting outside your color tile. because Warriors is most load carrying Troop and if the enemy kills it then you can easily train them at a cheaper cost and less training time. Also, For attack and Defense T4 is Most efficient. you can get it even if you don’t spend money in the game. But T5 is very hard to get for a free player.

Fastest Troop

T1 Shaman, T1, and T2 Beastmaster are the fastest troop in brutal age it is very helpful in the event like Wolf.

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The Super Farming Trick

Want to rank 1 is Clean Up Event?

We have written ultimate guide for Farming on Clean up Event. Read the guide and you can even apply this trick if the event is not happening.

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Friendly Teleport Cheat

Earlier in the game for friendly teleport, you had to port on your Horde color. But Now you if you teleport 2 tiles away from your horde color outpost then also it will be counted as friendly Teleport and if there is lake or rock in between then you can do 2 tiles away after obstacle ends.

Buffer Hospital

Buffer Hospital trick is very useful when you have less hospital capacity. and you can double your capacity using this trick.

So how it works?

Let’s suppose you have hospital capacity of 100k. So if enemy hit you then above 100k all your troops will be dead. Let’s suppose enemy did the first attack and your hospital is full. then you can immediately put all your 100k in heal. when you do this your 100k troops those were hospitalized will go into healing buffer and you will have 100k space again.

But you must be online when you get hit by the enemy and have enough RSS required for healing.

In Above Image, you can see that my hospital capacity is 89760 but troops in the hospital are 104879. its because my 56.1k troops are in healing buffer.

Meat Shield Technique

When you send your march to attack an enemy then don’t send all march with higher tier troops. Try to combine some lower tier troops so that they work as a meat shield for your higher tier troops. suppose if you have T4 then Send 90% T4 and rest T3/T2. Because T3 takes less time and rss to train than T4. So this way you can save your Higher level troops and also it doesn’t affect your battle result much.

If you know any other secret tips then please let us know in the comment section.


  1. Jungdawoon says:

    Should meat shields be in the same configuration in all combat situations? For example, rallies, or solo attacks, when the enemy is stronger than me, when the enemy is weaker than me, are they the same in all situations?

    • admin says:

      hi jungdawoon,
      you can change it as per situation, just figured out what can be your loose in battle and send troops as per that. I just gave an example, you can even use T1 as meat shield or combination of t1,t2,t3.

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