Privilege Subscription Pack Analysis – Is it good or bad?

Privilege Subscription Pack comes with 14 days and 365 days subscription and you will get daily bonus. this pack is similar to month card. Month card focus on your base growth but privilege pack is mainly focused on the partner system. In my opinion, Brutal age is nowadays less greedy than they used to be. if you are an old player then you know what I am saying :'( . Let’s analyze Privilege Subscription Pack Bonus and calculate its ROI.

Privilege Subscription Pack Daily Bonus

  • Privilege subscription

    War Pattern (4 stars or below Partner Enhance Consumption is 50%)

  • Damage in adventure stages (Includes chaos swirl) +20%
  • Daily Ranked Match Free Restored challenge +1
  • Max Partner Capacity +100
  • Max Portal Energy +100
  • Max War Pattern Capacity +500
  • Daily Bonus –
    100 Gems = Total 365 Days = 36500
    1 Turtle = Total 365 Days  = 182500
    Auto Battle Coupons = 20 (means you can spend 100 energy daily just by one click )
    7000*3 Souls
  • 10k gems instantly if you Buy 99 pack
  • 1k Gems instantly if you buy 9 pack


Generally speaking in $99 you will get 46500 Gems + 365 turtles (182500 Gems) + Apx 150000 (Apx 300*500 Worth gems from Ranked match free restoration).  That is a good deal if you are regular spender in brutal Age. Bonus we will talk separately for new server and old server player.

For New Server (Less than 1 year Age)

if you are on a new server then few bonuses is waste for you.

Max Partner Capacity – You don’t need to increase max partner capacity because the current limit is more than enough for you in starting.
War Pattern Capacity – You get 500 default limit that won’t full so easily. it takes around 2 years when you need more capacity. but you need to keep cleaning useless pattern.

Ranked Match – This depends on how good you are at partner and are you able to push your rank in ranked matches with your partner or not. if not then its a waste for you.

Energy Portal – You don’t need this unless you are lazy because this will increase the limit of your energy portal but the speed of energy restoration will be still Same. So if you are active then you can keep it empty your portal energy. But if you have less time to play and most of time your portal limit is full then you should consider this. if your limit is 200 then you will only need to deplete it twice a day or if it is 100 then 3-4 times a day. Same goes to auto Auto Battle coupons.

Another Issue with New Servers is, let’s suppose that you started 10 days back and bought this pack and after a month loose interest and left the game then its a waste for you. So Make sure you only buy this pack when you are sure that you are gonna play the game for the next 365 days. or else try using $9.99 during a ranked match only.

For Old Servers (More than 1 year)

Ranked Match Challenge – I think after 1 year of gameplay everyone takes part in the ranked match and tries to push rank so that they can get catfish skill.

Partner Capacity –  I have been playing Brutal age from 2.5 years and my partner capacity is still under 200 if I consume my all 1, 2, and 3-star partner.  But you are a spender then I am sure that you have more than 250, 4 and 5-star partner. In that case, you might need this.

War Pattern Limit – this is a good deal all spender and non-spender player.

So for old server Player, Almost all bonuses are useful and its Win-Win deal for average spenders. New Server Player can also buy it because even some bonus is not useful but still the rest is very good.

Month Pack vs Privilege Subscription Pack (In term of Gem Value)

Month Pack will give you 14k Gems and 720 Hours (Apx) Monthly. and it cost $20. So in $99 you will Get 70k Gems and 3600 Hours Speedups. if we convert speed ups into Gems then,
3600/24 = 150 Days *1500 = 225000 Gems.

So there will be approx 300k worth of gems benefits you will get with Month Pack in 6 months. On another side,  with Privilege Subscription, you will get Apx 380k worth + some other bonus.

Note – Month Pack is for Basic Growth while Privilege Subscription is for partner system growth.

Conclusion  –

Best for Old Server and Average for New Servers.