Month Card

If You Planning to buy a pack from brutal age shop then you must saw month card pack and might not able to understand how it will work if you buy this pack. Don’t Worry Here you will get all the information about month card and how much Gems, resources, and speedups you will get from it.

Month Card Pack Information – How it works?

As the name Suggest with month card give you will get all the item that shows in the pack every day for 30 days. And when you first purchase this pack you will get additional 2000 gems.

Total Number of Items you will get in a Month Month

Gems – 2000 Gems when you purchase this pack and daily 400 gems for 30 days. so you will get total of 12000+2000 = 14k Gems

Speed Up – You will get total 24 Hours Universal speed up daily. So in a month, you will get 24*30 = 720 Hours

Resources – You will get 20 Packets of 30k meat and 20 packets of 10k wood, stone, and ivory every day.
It won’t give you mana packets

Is month Pack Good?

Month Card is very good if want go make continuous development also it is cost effective in terms of Money as compared to other expensive plans.

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