All You Need to Know About New Monster “Skeleton Warrior”

In this Guide, I will tell everything you need to know about Skeleton Warrior. you must be wondering that what is this monster and why can’t attack him. don’t worry I will discuss everything here. So lets Start.

What is Skeleton Warrior?

Its a Wild monster like Tree Man that will give you a speacial type of resource “Magic Bones” when we hunt and collect RSS. You can find warrior on various random locations on the map.

now, what is the use of Magic Bones?

Magic Bones can be used to finish a special type of research from the temple for wisdom.

What is the Difference between Skeleton Warrior and other types of monster?

other wild monsters are of level 1-6 but Skeleton warrior is a powerful warrior and starts with level 7 to 10. It is far stronger than other types of monster and if you send less troop you might suffer a big lose of troops.

you must be at minimum Stronghold 20 to hunt skeleton. Although if you are below SH-20 you can see the monster but can’t attack it.

Skeleton Warrior Level and Amount of RSS

Note: you can collection magic bones at SH-20 but your research in the temple of wisdom will be open at SH-20.

Things to Know About Magic Bones

  • Can only be used to upgrade research at the temple of wisdom.
  • You can’t Plunder Magic bones by attacking other players.
  • You can’t do Production of Magic Bones.
  • You can’t do terraform production.
  • Gathering speed boost not effective on magic bones.
  • You can’t see Magic Bones RSS on your main screen. Open temple of wisdom to check the number of magic bones you have.


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    What are the minimum number of which troops to take down the S.W?

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