Partner Lineup 01 – Speed & Control Team Without Using 5 Star Partners

Hello Chief, We recently did a survey on our website and found that many people confuse about what team combination they should use to get a better result. So we have started a new section for Partner Lineup where you will get a series of article with different partner team. There is a basic rule in the real world that team coordination needed in order to get success. So, In the same way, you need to choose your partner team such that they support each other and fight all together. So let’s get started without first team formation for the people who don’t have a 5-star partner.

If you haven’t read our article about basic lineup type then you should check out to get a basic idea like how we divided into 3 types. This Speed and Control team is the very strong lineup for new players and for those who don’t have  5 stars partner.

lineup 01 - speed and control team

lineup 01 – speed and control team

🌀Core Purpose

  • Get First To Attack –  Your partner should have more speed than the enemy partner so that your team take action first.
  • Reduce the Enemy Benefits –  If your speed is more you will take action first and your control partner will reduce enemy benefits by Stun, freezing, Silence, Slow, Clear Action Bar, Reduce ATK/DEF etc.
  • Get More Actions – More speed your team has, more action can be taken by your team.

🤹‍♀️Partner Needed for Lineup

⚡Speed Leader – Blue Black Shaman

For this type of team, you need more speed so you must use a leader which can enhance the Speed of your team. Blue Black Shaman is the only partner that you can use if you don’t have a 5-star partner. Blue black shaman can increase speed for your team as well he is good control partner that can stun enemy team frequently.

⚡Speeding Partner – Green Dragonman

You will need a partner that can enhance your team speed. and Green Dragonman do this job perfectly.

☄Control Partners – Blue Boar, Green Marksman

You need to choose your control partner that should have at least 2 Control Skills. Green Marksman and Blue Boar can be good fit. Because Blue boar can work as Tank to soak the damage by taunting enemies. You can use RED DBG also in replacement of Green Marksman.

Note: You should Have one High Damage Partner so that he/she can kill enemies.


  • Easy to Build Team.
  • ⚡High Speed: Speed is the main strength of the team. Blue shaman as leader can increase speed by 19% and green dragonman also enhance speed so whole has will have a higher speed.
  • ☄More Control: All 4 Partners has control skills. So it can reduce huge enemy benefits.
  • Blue Black Shaman⚡ Increase speed of the team as well can stun and blind enemy. (if use saya then stun chance can increase greatly.)
  • Green Marksman will act as high  damage dealer so quickly kill the enemy.
  • Blue Boar will attract enemies and act as a 🛡️ tank for the team.


  • Fear of an 🔰Immune Team – This team is highly depend on controlling enemy. and if the enemy has 🔰immunity effect then it can’t be controlled hence team will be weak against team with immunity effect.
  • Low 🔋Health Issue: Every partner is the team are vunrabale due to low 🔋health and can be easily killed by high damage enemy.
  • No Healer: Team has no healer as well to recover health, so they can’t survive in a long fight.
  • Fear of  ⚡ Faster Team: In order to get success your team should take action first so that it can control enemy in the first round. if you don’t get first round then it will difficult for the team to control the enemy team.

War Pattern

The team is Highly Depend on Speed. So you should focus on Speed. Along with speed follow these war pattern.

Blue Black Shaman : 4 Saya + 2 Wolf /Hippo( Left Hand SPD + Right Hand HP% + Helmet HP/ATK%) – use SPD/HP/ATK/CR in Substat

Green Dragonman : 4 Cat + 2 Bull (Left Hand SPD + Right Hand DEF% + Helmet DEF/HP%) – Use SPD/DEF/HP in substat

Blue Boar: 6 Bull (Left Hand SPD/DEF% + Right Hand DEF% + Helmet DEF%) – use SPD/DEF/HP in substat

Green Marksman: 4 smilodon + 2 Wolf  (Left Hand SPD + Right Hand ATK% + Helmet ATK%) – Use SPD/CR%/ATK% in Substat

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