Troops Eating Meat? Here is the Solutions!!

You worked hard to gather lots of meats so that you can upgrade your buildings the next day. But when you wake up the next day and open brutal age, you see all meat is gone 🙁 . Because your troops have eaten all the unprotected meat. To solve this problem earlier what people use to do is they send their all troops in their clanmates output and keep their outpost empty and consumption rate becomes zero. But brutal age team updated their app and this idea doesn’t work now. so what is the solution here?

Well, there is so the solution to stop your troops from eating meat. But we can give you some advice on how you can save meat and manage to get your upgrade to keep going.

Gather at the last moment

don’t start gathering meat first if your other RSS is not sufficient for the upgrade. first, gather other RSS and then at the end send all your marches to collect meat (at least level 5). So let’s suppose you have 5 marches then you can collect almost 5m meat at once. Also, there is some protected RSS also you can save in advance. so you can have 7m RSS once your marches back to the outpost.

PS.  if you hunt level 6 monster then you can collect 9m at once.

Use Meat Packets

if that 7m is not enough then you can use your meat packet that you will get from the monster hunter, clan relics, squirrel. Also, from frost fire event, if you train troops you can get lots of meat packets.

Make a Meat Bank

if any of your clanmates left the game, you can ask his account and use it as meat bank for your clan or yourself. everyone send their unprotected meat to that account and when needed can take back. but make sure there is no troop in your meat bank account.

Here I suggested dead account because there will be good RSS transfer capacity or else if you want can make a new alt account.

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