Brutal Age Optimization Plan

After 6 stars awakening update, many big players are upset and they all started protesting again brutal age by not spending for next 1 month. you must have seen Player has added some Chinese word ( 停氪 ) in their profile name. 停氪 word meaning is “Stop spending”. I think more than 70% of big spender has this word in their profile. this is to tell the Brutal age team to stop the greediness. Both Chinese spenders and US/Europe players alike are sick of the endless barrage of spending required to progress in this game now.

After this brutal age got lots of messages and now recently they have published their game plan for the future. but still, it’s not the thing that we want actually. we want that free player also should get something but in current’s game there are many things that a free player can’t get or it will take ages to get them. Like Rare Partner you can’t get without spending, also the new artifacts. Still, let’s see what their plan is.

this thing already posted on their social media account. I am publishing here in case you are not much active on social media.

Brutal age Future Plan

Brutal age Future Plan

Brutal Age Optimization Plan { Posted on 6 August 2019 }

BA team is working on developing a new secret feature. On an island, players from different servers can fight against each other to occupy mines and claim total victory! This feature will be officially released soon.

  • Players from different servers have to fight against each other to occupy mines
  • Mines of one camp must be linked
  • Protect your transportation routes and destroy the opponents’
  • Fog of War will prevent you from seeing too far
  • Occupy Light Towers to expel the fog to be able to observe more

Cross-Server Tournament & Server Merger

To maintain stability during our server merger, we have performed small tests recently. In Cross-Server Tournament, you fight as a representative of your own server. Our team believes the server merger may affect the event’s fairness and stability. So, we are going to perform the following adjustments:

  • Accelerate server merge progress, and start the server merge preparation before S171
  • The 4th Horde Invasion will open after the current server merger
  • We’ll perform future server mergers during the Cross-Server Tournament breaks

System Optimization

To keep optimizing your gaming experience, our team will do their best to periodically optimize Brutal Age.

  • Optimize lagging when you move across the map
  • The boost frame rate on the map
  • Experiment with how to optimize the chat system
  • Optimize some issues which may result in crashes

6-Star Awaken Keepsakes

We have been told by a lot of players that it’s too difficult to complete a 6-Star Awaken. Our team has discussed it and understand all of your concerns. In the future, 6-Star Awaken Keepsakes can be obtained through more channels to make it easier. Currently, you can get 6-Star Awaken Keepsakes in the following ways:

  • All Ranked Matches (Point Rewards)
  • Lonely Warrior (Raid Battle Quests)
  • Real-Time Duels (Quest & Grade Rewards)
  • Some related events
  • We will open new channels in the future so you can get more 6-Star Awaken Keepsakes for free

# team may adjust some details according to the actual situation. All of them are subject to change with subsequent official notices.

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  1. ThomiK says:

    *thumbs up* for all the big players/spenders which taking action also for the lower or free players in the game

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