Partner Six Senses (Awakening) Update Details [August 2019 ]

There is another Big change Tap4fun made by opening 6-star awakening for some partner and new awaken material that is almost impossible to get for a Free to play player. Awakening will unlock new skills, moral and partner graphics.


What Rare Material you need for awakening after 3 stars?

There is new Epic keepsake introduced that you need to awaken your partner.

How do you get an epic awakening token?

  • Obtained from the reward of the partner Ranked match ladder (effective in the future ladder)
  • Get the reward of wilderness
  • Get the reward in real-time duel
  • participate in Events to get

There is three type of epic keepsake just like rare and rule are same like to awaken red partner you need thera keepsake. for green you need saya keepsake.

4 Star Awakening need –  4 Epic keepsake

5 Star Awakening need –  6 Epic keepsake

6 Star Awakening need –  8 Epic keepsake

Read More – List of awakening material Required for 3, 4, 5 star partner

New Skills

there are some new skills are available of a partner once we awaken the partner to 6 stars. there are total of 7 new skills that  a partner can have based on his nature.

Note – this skill will only activate once your partner is 5-star awaken.


At the end of each of the first 3 rounds, reduce DEF of a random enemy for 2 rounds.

Partner in this category – Partner those are human nature like  Nomad king, Mr. Dagger, Shaman, demon killer, price, guitarist, etc


At the beginning of each of the first 3 rounds increase its own ATK by 2 rounds and randomly inflict injury of 2 rounds on a random enemy.

Partner in this category – Partner those are human nature like GOE, Fierce Beast, Panda etc


Starting from round 1, apply nirvana of 2 rounds on a random teammate; this will be triggered again every 3 rounds.

Partner with Undead Nature is – Ghost, Drum beater etc


At the end of each of the first 3 rounds, apply immunity of 1 round on a random teammate and also dispel a debuff on the teammate.

Ocean Nature partner – Catfish fighter, Master toise


Starting from round 1, heal 15% Hp of 2 teammates with lowest HP; this will be triggered again after 3 rounds.

Nature Partner – Scarecrow, little flower etc.


Starting from round 1 , increase action bar of 2 random teammates by 20%; this will be triggered after every 3 rounds.

Partner with Dragon nature –  Dragonman, dragon shaman etc


there is not skill announced of this category and this category.

Partner with catfish nature –  Sharkie etc.

Moral change after 6-star awakening

After 6 star awakening, there will be some change in moral skill. earlier it increases/decreases moral. now along with that it will increase/decrease troops defense.

Partners Graphics

there will some graphics change after 6 stars awakening.

Avatar change


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