Brutal Age Update 12.08.2019 [Patch Notes]

WHAT’S NEW – Adjusted the rewards of Ranked Match and Real Time Duel. Now you can get Awaken Materials from the two mentioned events. – Extended the event time for Real Time Duel and optimized Pick and Ban rules – In an upcoming event, the chance to get 5-Star Partners will double! If you don’t … Read more

Brutal Age Optimization Plan

Brutal age Future Plan

After 6 stars awakening update, many big players are upset and they all started protesting again brutal age by not spending for next 1 month. you must have seen Player has added some Chinese word ( 停氪 ) in their profile name. 停氪 word meaning is “Stop spending”. I think more than 70% of big … Read more

Partner Six Senses (Awakening) Update Details [August 2019 ]

There is another Big change Tap4fun made by opening 6-star awakening for some partner and new awaken material that is almost impossible to get for a Free to play player. Awakening will unlock new skills, moral and partner graphics. [toc] What Rare Material you need for awakening after 3 stars? There is new Epic keepsake … Read more

Partner Balancing Update December 2018 – Details

There is Partner balance adjustment is done in recent brutal age update. So which partner effected in this balancing update. let’s check out. Red and Blue Long Face  3rd Skill (Old) Summon an array with undead power. the hand of undead will drag all enemy to the ground. Attack and Slow Down All enemy for … Read more