Brutal Age Server Migration – How to Change Server?

So Many of us want to change server in Brutal age. Well, today I will tell you how to do server migration.

But its only for the newbie who started playing few days ago. Only those player can migrate to another server whose stronghold is less than level 6.

Yes! I know this is sad part because you are above level 6 and want to change server. Unfortunately, there is no option given in Game.

How to Change Server in Brutal Age?

Follow these steps if you are less than level 6 and want to migrate.

1. Collect “Server Migration” item from “Welcome to Brutal Age” email from notice.
2. Go to check the item in your bag (My items>Special) and Click on  USE
3. Select the server you want to migrate to and CONFIRM. (choose it wisely because you only one item)
4. Restart the game: Congrats you have now migrated to the target server.

Note: You can’t migrate to the server which is started less than 4 days ago. Also, you can’t migrate to the server on which you have already created the account.

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