When we Start Playing Game then after some few steps it asks to choose your Horde (Color) for the game. So it will difficult for you to choose as you don’t know which horde is good for which stage. Don’t worry today we will cover it all.

There is total of 6 color horde are in Brutal age. Each has a different skill/ advantage. Let’s talk about that first then I will suggest which horde is best for you.

Orange Horde Skill: Reduce Target Defence By 5% And Training Cost -8%

Red Horde Skill: Set Fire on Enemy Territory and Training Time -3%

Purple Horde: Can Summon Shield to Protect Clan Mates And also Clan Help Effect +30%

Black Horde: No Leader and No Skill

Blue Horde: Healing Cost -20% and Research Time -5%

Green Horde: With this Horde, your Construction Time will decrease by 5%. Also, you can collect free Resource reward by nature.

Which Horde is Best in Brutal Age?

Well, It All depends on your requirement. You can see each horde is its own advantages. If you want to in the strongest horde. Then it depends on your server. Also, I am pretty sure that you can’t predict which horde will be the strongest. After some days you can easily track which horde going is strongest in your server.

Pro Tip: Choose Horde which is strongest in server Because Same Horde Player Can’t Attack you without barbarian war.

Here is the best horde you can choose based on what you need most.

Green Horde: You can choose it on the early stage. Because that time you will do lots of construction and also you need resources for that. So Green is best as it can reduce your construction time.

Blue Horde: It is good when you have lots of enemies and they keep you hitting everyday lol. Your cost of healing will be less.
Ok! joke apart.

You can use this color in the middle stage when you need more research and you play more in barbarian war.

Red and Orange: Both are good for when you are done with most of your development and research and you will only train more troops to increase your army.

Black Horde: Black Horde has no leader and no elites. Also, no benefit is provided by the black horde. But black Horde has some unique feature that most of us don’t know. Normally you can’t attack same color member except barbarian war but in black horde, you can attack any other black horde member without barbarian. Also, there is no CD time to change Horde.

How to Change Colour of Horde

Once you select horde you can’t change it for 14 days. But once 14 days gone you can change your first horde for free of cost. After that, it will cost 10k gems or 2m clan coins to change horde.
Note: if a Clan Leader change Horde color then its all clan member Horde color will automatically change for free. So better ask your clan leader to change color. But it will Cost 50k Gems for Clan Leader.

Pro Tips: If you want to join the strongest player horde. Then don’t choose any horde when you start on new server. Because if you choose the first time then you can’t change it for 14 days. Also, it cost 10k gems or 2m clan coins to change horde. So now must be thinking that how to avoid selecting horde because there is no option to exit when it ask for select horde.

Don’t worry I have a trick!!

Just Close game at that point and start again it will automatically give you black horde and later you can change it for free. So wait for some days when you are sure that this is strongest then choose that horde.

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