Choosing Best War Pattern For Your Partner [Advanced Guide]

As we proceed to later part of the game, war pattern becomes more critical. You need to find the best pattern for your partner. Before reading this guide, please read our Basic guide on war pattern to understand how war pattern works and what type of war pattern are in the game.

So once you know the basics, select your partner and find the best war pattern suggestion based on his skills and base stat. Now while choosing a particular war pattern, you need to look out for his substat too. Let suppose you are farming for a partner that depends highly on 🔋health. Then in this case, you need to find war pattern that give you Max 🔋HP% in substat as the minimum requirement. And that is 6% for a white color war pattern.

Please take note of the following for sub-stats. This is base on what I am seeing so I’m not 100% certain that it is accurate.

⚡Speed – 3-4
⚔ATK/🛡️DEF/🔋HP – 4-6%
☄HIT/🔰RES – 3-6%
💢CR/💥CRD – 3-4%

Note: This is the possible raw sub stat you can receive from a white pattern without any influence from color.

So you should find your required stat in substat of each pattern to get the maximum result.

The above substat is for a♡white color pattern only.💚Green,💙Blue, 🧡orange and 💜purple will have more stat in sub stat.

How does Natural 🎨 Color war Pattern work?

let’s understand how a natural 🎨 color war pattern works, and the benefits of it.
Let’s take💜purple for instance. Assuming you get the following stats for a natural purple war pattern:

⚡Speed: +5
🔋Hp : +5%
🛡️DEF:+ 6%
⚔ATK: +4%
☄HIT: +5%

Now as you all know, for a natural ♡white war pattern, every time you level up 3 levels of it, an additional sub stat will appear. But in this case, since the additional sub stat has already appeared, what it does instead, is that it will pick a random sub stat, and add extra stats to its base on the range mention above.

Hence for instance, when you level up the above war pattern to +3, one of the 4 sub stats (hp, def, att, hit) will have an additional increase in stat.

If it is 💚green, this will occur once, and since green only has 1 substat, hence it is guaranteed that the increase goes to the first substat.

If it is 💙blue, there are 2 chances, and 2 substat to choose from. So maybe at level 3, you gain an increase in substat 1, and at level 6, an increase in substat 2, or at both level 3 and 6, you gain an increase in the same substat.

💚Green color patterns are not that much hard to get so if you have a green color with your desired substat (eg 🔋HP%) then there is a possibility that you can get 8-12% 🔋HP.

What is Maximum Stat you can get for a substat?

Based on our hypothesis, there is a possibility that each time it add some range of stat based on color of war pattern as mention above. Hence for example, a green color pattern you can get 6-8 speed. we know that white color we can get 3-4 so if you are lucky for green you can get 4+4=8 speed. and the minimum is 3+3.

Likewise, you can get 4+4+4+4+4 = 20 speed in a purple color pattern. But practically I never saw a partner with 20 speed in substat. I saw 14 at max. This is because each time it hit 3 levels, it has 4 substat to choose from, follow by the range to increase.

Maximum Substat for a 💜Purple War Pattern

⚡Speed – 4+4+4+4+4 = 20
⚔ATK/🛡️DEF/🔋HP – 6+6+6+6+6 =30%
☄HIT/🔰RES – 6+6+6+6+6 = 30%
💢CR/💥CRD – 4+4+4+4+4 = 20%

Yes, it’s possible to get 20 speed but the probability is very very rare. The above only shows the max substat you can get for 💜purple war pattern for one specific stat only. You can’t possibly get 20speed & 30% ATK on same pattern for instance.