Dragonkin Arena Basic Introduction

Dragonkin Arena is a battleground for your dragons. You can use your dragonkin to attack all type on the enemy monsters to earn rewards. 

How to Play

Tap on the monster to attack.

Attack Type

Ordinary Attack: Click on Screen to attack an enemy and gain Fury.

Critical Attack: Normal Attack has a chance to get CRIT that will cause high damage and gain high Fury.

Breath Attack:  When Fury Bar is full you can initiate breath attack. breath attack can deal 15 times damage within 1.5 seconds. and total damage will be equal to 100 times for dragonkin attack. if the current enemy is dead then it will continue to hit another enemy.

Unknown: this attack not opened yet.

Normal Rewards

Dragon Coins: Can Create Props in the workshop.

Dragon Secret Fruit: Can enhance dragon experience

Dragon crystal: Can improve dragon skills.

Labor: Can help you to dig dragon eggs in the workshop.

Attack Points

Points can be earned based on damage dealt to the monsters. Attack point reward will be sent every day based on ranking at 00:00 UTC.

Attack Monster: Each 1000 damage = 1 point.
Overkill Monster: Each 1000 damage = 2 points