Dragonkin Arena Basic Introduction

Dragonkin Arena is a battleground for your dragons. You can use your dragonkin to attack all type on the enemy monsters to earn rewards.  How to Play Tap on the monster to attack. Attack Type Ordinary Attack: Click on Screen to attack an enemy and gain Fury. Critical Attack: Normal Attack has a chance to get … Read more

Ragehorn Skills

Ragehorn is the first Dragonkin you will get from the dragonkin land. In this Guide, we will discuss Skills of Ragehorn. and how these skills will help you in growing and fighting. If you don’t know about dragonkins system check out our basic guide for Dragonkins. Quick Facts You can Level Up Ragehorn upto Level 60 … Read more

Beginner Guide For Dragonkin System

In this Guide, we will tell you All the basic things related to Dragonkin system in Brutal age. Dragonkin is another type of system that will give various type of bonuses. Also, They have plenty of other unique skills. How to unlock New Dragonkins? First Dragon, Ragehorn, you will get in starting from hatching. Other’s Dragonkins … Read more