FAQ – Wounded Vs Dead Troops

So today we will clear a very basic doubt people ask when they start playing. Sometimes they see troops are hospitalized and sometimes its been killed. don’t worry we will tell you what is wounded troops and dead troops. also on which condition it will be wounded or dead.

Wounded/ Hospitalized Troops 

Wounded Troops are not dead they will go into your hospital and you can heal them easily with less resources than the training cost. But Wounded troops can’t go over your Hospital capacity.

When Your Troops will be in Hospital?

  • When you attack same color Outpost.
  • When you attacking player gathering point on same color tile.
  • When you are defending An attack and all your outpost is in your own color.

Dead Troops

Dead/killed troops mean they are no longer. you can’t use them again and will be removed from your city. you need to train new troops.

When your troops can be get killed?

there is serveral way in which your troops can get killed.

  • When you attack another color outposts.
  • When you attack Player gathering point on other color or neutral ground.
  • Attacking or Defending temple.
  • Also, if your hospital is full then there is will be no space for wounded troops hence they will be dead.