List of All Buff / Debuff With Their Meaning

Some partner has the ability to put Buff on itself and teammates. and some can put debuff on the enemy. In this guide, we listed all the Buffs and Debuffs with their meaning that used in brutal age partner system.

Buff – A Buff is a temporary positive effect placed on the partner. and give some extra advantages to the player. it can be any from the given list below.

Debuff – Debuff is contrary to buff, it’s a negative effect on the partner.

Attack Type

Deflection – Deflections may occur during attacks. It will reduce the damage by 30% for this attack and cannot inflict debuff on the enemy. Deflection rate will be influenced by Partner attributes (color) and debuffs.

CR – It has a basic 15% chance to deal CR in attacks, if the attack is a CR attack then it will increase the damage of the current attack by 50%. CR Rate is influenced by Skill, War Pattern and partner attributes (color).

Bash – It has a chance to deal Bash in attacking restrained targets. Increases the damage by 30% for current attack.

List of All Buff / Debuff in Brutal Age

ATK Enhance/Increase

Increase Partner ATK by 50%

ATK Reduce

Reduce Partner ATK by 50%

Add Counter Blessing

There is 75% chance to fightback after being attacked.

Add Sheild

Add shield which can absorb a certain amount of Damage.


inflicted Enemy can’t trigger passive skill


It has 50% chance to deflect Hit. if successfully deflected then the damage will reduce to 30%

CR Rate Enhance

Increase Partner CR by 30%

CR Res Enhance

Reduce getting CR chance by 50%.

DEF Enhance/Increase

Increase Partner DEF by 70%

DEF Reduce

Reduce Partner DEF by 70%

Damage Reflect

Reflect 30% of the Damage

Enduring Healing

Recover 15% of Max HP in Each Round.

Energy Sheild

Provide energy Sheild to the team.


Partner can’t take action in the frozen status.


Heal/Recover a certain amount of HP.

Healing Forbidden

Can’t recover HP.

Partners Provide this Buff –  red Warmaiden


Immune to any debuff but it won’t dispel Existing Debuff.


In this status, Partner won’t suffer any damage.


Can’t Get any Buffs


Receive Extra Damage by 25%


Revive Immediately itself with 30% of max HP after being defeated.


The target is protected by a teammate from any damage and the teammate takes 50% of the damage.


Each Round Deal Damage by 5% from max HP

SPD Enhance/Increase

Increase SPD by 30%


Reduce SPD by 30%


With Sleep Status Partner Can’t Take Action Until Attacked


Can’t use Skills with CD


With Stun Status Partner Can’t Take Actions.

Note:-  Saya Pattern Also have Stun Ablity.

Thor Curse

After the countdown, deal damage (Ignoring DEF)


Can only use the first skill to attack the taunter.


HP won’t be lower than 1 when being attacked.