The Ultimate Guide To Get #1 Rank in Clean Up Event

In Brutal Age, there are some events which have nothing to do with $$ you spend in the game. In these type of events, one can easily top the event with a little knowledge and preparation.


Today we will discuss one my favorite event i.e Clean Up event ūüôā


In the clean up event, you can get points by gathering resources and also making gathering resource point to 0 resources left.
Check the image given below to see how much score you will get based on activity.

Now, you should know when clean event usually going to happen so that you can get free time and all your marching queue free.

Usually, event time is of 4 hours but Once in Week it lasts for 8 hours and it happens on every Sunday 08:00 PM (UTC Time) . For rest, you can follow this event schedule.

So now you know that how the event works and when it’s going to happen by checking the schedule.

Let’s move to next part ..


Outpost Location 

Put you Outpost as close as you can to temple. So that you can access to more level 6 monster. And you can get more points when you gather a resource point to 0 RSS. Also, your troops will gather fast at level 6 monster gathering points rather than level 5.

Tip – Use wolf event to teleport near the temple at free of cost.

3 Key (The deciding factor )

(I) Research

Select a resource type in which you have done maximum research on gathering speed. Choose any from meat, wood, and stone.

Note РMana farming is not recommended during the event as its hard to find high-level monster.

(ii) Talent Tree Setup

Now Setup Your Talent Page to Boost your gathering speed more for the resource type in which you did maximum research. (That we discussed in research section).

There is two way to set up talent page.

  1. Create a new talent page only for gathering purpose. (In this case, you can boost more than one resource type as you have enough talent points.)
  2. Setup points along with research, construction or training page. (In this case, you will able to boost only one type of resource to the max.)
Tip – It takes minimum 64 talent points to max gathering speed for 1 resource type and 104 points to max 2 resource type.

(iii) Rune Setting

Now after setting talent page for one or 2 resource type you have to set up gathering boost rune for those resource type.

For Example –

If you have done max meat gathering speed research in the temple of wisdom. And also have setup talent points for meat gathering speed then select rune that gives maximum meat gathering speed bonus.

Pre-Event Farming

If you know that when clean up event going to start. You can send you troops for gathering before the event such that gathering complete just after the moment when event start. And make sure during pre-farming you try to gather level 6 monster only. It will give extra score when you gather resource to point to 0 resources.

Gathering Speed Boost

You can also use gathering speed boost item to increase gathering speed by 50% for a day.
There are 3 best way to get gathering speed boost item.

  1. Purchase with gems from the store for 600 gems (Not recommended  )
  2. Purchase with Clans Store that will cost 120k clan coins. ( Recommended )
  3. If you are lucky then you can get the chance to buy it from a discount shop in exchange of resources. (Highly recommended )

Buy Extra Marching Queue

Buy Extra march queue item from the store so that you can have an extra march to gather and you can gather more resources.
Extra marching queue item will cost 400 gems and it lasts for 8 hours that is enough for the event.

Also, You can research for extra marching slot from the temple of wisdom but it will take time because it is the last research in development.

Strategy while event is Ongoing

Finding Targets

Focus on only resources type for which we have boosted gathering speed. Search for the resource’s type which is abundant and have less than 50% resources left to gather. so that you can empty that asap and get an extra point reward.

Prefer Level 6 Monster

As we discussed earlier that level 6 monster give you more gathering speed and points when you empty that gathering points.

Farm On your Color Tile only

Farming on own color gives you extra gathering speed bonus. So try to find your resource target on your color tile for an extra bonus speed.

Getting Help from Clan Members

if you have a clan member who is not participating in the event can help you by leaving gathering points when only 10% of resource left so that you can gather and get 0 resources left score.¬† Also, he can help you to hit monsters and leave it for you to gather. this way he/she can help you to save some stamina. ūüėÄ

That’s It¬†if you follow these above mention¬†steps you can easily get in top 3 positions in the event.

Guide Written by – Danish Meraj