How to Destroy Outpost In Brutal Age

In Brutal Age, You can Get maximum of 5 Outpost after doing research but at starting, you got 1 outpost when you start playing. If you are Reading the article then there might be 2 reason one is you want to destroy enemy outpost and another is that you want to destroy your own so that you can build new in the good area.

Don’t Worry You will gell all the information about destroying/removing outpost.

Before moving further you need to understand about outpost durability.

What is Outpost Durability?

Outpost Durability is the health of your outpost that you can check when you click on your outpost. To increase durability you can upgrade your outpost to the next level and also can you do durability research.

How to Destroy Outpost In Brutal Age

When an enemy attack you and he/she win the attack then your outpost set on fire and your durability start decreasing continuously for a specific period of time (usually 30 minutes). and when it becomes 0 your outpost is destroyed and removed from the server you need to create the new outpost in that case.

You can repair your outpost to Increase your durability to do so you need to click on your outpost –> Detail –> Repair

Note -> if your outpost is currently on fire then you need to extinguish it to stop durability lose. and this cost you few gems

So if you want to destroy enemy outpost then you need to attack him in every 30 minutes until it disappears from the map. and to destroy your own simply don’t repair it after getting hit after some hits it will be destroyed.

 Outpost Near to Swamp Area Surrounding the Temple

if any outpost that is near to Swawp area it will immediately be destroyed after a single win attack. It has no Burning Period so if your enemy at out there hit him and his/her outpost will be gone in seconds.


Q1 -How long Does it take to Destroy level 2 outpost in brutal age?

Ans – Well its depend on the durability may be opponent has more durability as he did durability research.

Q2 – Can you destroy your own outpost in brutal age?

Ans – Yes, you can but not yourself you need to lose an attack to do so. Already mentioned above how to remove that.

Q3 – Brutal age how to destroy all outpost and keep your power.

Ans – Teleport all your outpost near to swamp area and Send your all troops for gathering and ask your friend to hit you. Or wait for Smilodon event that time tiger will hit you and your outpost burn. This trick won’t work if you are more than 25m Troops.

Q4 – if my outpost destroyed can I build the new one?

Ans – Yes you can create again it will cost a few resources and time.


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  1. rookie says:

    It has been mentioned that destroying your own Outpost is a method to move to a better area. Though you would be able to rebuild in a new location, it would take time and resources. Up to 5 Friendly Teleports may be used during wolf event and could better serve the purpose of moving an Outpost (provided the new location is on or near your Horde territory).
    Easily hiding and/or defending is the only reason I would destroy my own Outpost(s) i.e. for Server Wars.
    It might be good to mention the last remaining outpost (on your own server not on the enemy server) will not be destroyed. I believe all players on the server must have 1 Outpost.

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