How Many Troops Required to Kill a Level X Monster – {With Proof}

Assuming that you are new to the Brutal Age, Since you have just started the game and wondering why you are not able to Kill Higher Level Monster and you are are simply wasting your stamina. Its because you are not sending enough amount to your troops to any that monster. In this guide, we will Tell that minimum amount to troops you needed to kill a level X (1,2,3,4,5,6) Monster.

Required Number of  Tier 1 (T1 ) Troops To Kill Level 1-5 monster

T1 are the smallest Unit and everyone can have this in starting. Although you can get T2 in just 5 Hour as I did.

Level 1 Monster – Required Apx. 10 Tier 1 Troop to Kill.

Level 2 Monster – Required Apx. 50  Tier 1 Troop to kill.

Level 3 Monster – Required Apx. 2650+  Tier 1 Troop to kill.

Level 4 Monster – Required Apx. ~2700 Tier 1 Troop to kill.

Level 5 Monster – Not Tested Yet

Note: No attack boosted used and no partner sent during the attack. if you use partners with the attack then less troops can also kill.

Killing Level 5 and Level 6 Monster Using Tier 2 (T2) Troops

Since Level 1-4 are easy to kill with Tier 1 so no need to Mention using T2.

Level 5 Monster – Required ~6500 Tier 2 Troop to kill.

Level 6 Monster – Not Tested Yet

Here are some Screen I took where I failed and where I killed that monster

Level 1 Monster with T1

Level 2 Monster With T1

Level 3 monster with T1

Level 4 monster with T1