Brutal Age Fishing Guide and Tips

Recently I started on a New Server and there are many players asking the question about “How to go fishing” In world Chat. So, I decided to Write this article and guide all newbie about Fishing System in Brutal age.

Let’s start…


First of all, you must know that why you need to go fishing?.

With Fishing, You can get rewards like Turtles, souls, war pattern, mana, gems etc by exchanging your fish item from fisherman market. Also, Shells will give you special partner shards.

How to Go For Fishing

First, you need to Find Fishing Spot so that you can enter into Main Interface. Fishing Spots are available on water map. When you explore the water map you will see Shining tiles with small fishes inside that, click on that tile and enter into the Go Fishing interface.

There is 2 Type of Fishing Spot

  1. Normal Spot
  2. Rare Spot

Rare Spot has more chance to get shells. So if you want to get more partner shards then choose rare spot for fishing. Also, you can fish on 3 rare spots daily.

Rare Spot is hard to find as there are limited spots available on the map. Try to find isolated water patches. these will usually give you a high chance of finding rare fishing spots. Don’t look at those long streams. it will be damn hard to find rare fishing spots.

Once you enter into interface then you need to cast your bait and find a fish. Please follow these steps to cast your bait properly.

Note: Fishing Bait is of 3 types –

Normal Bait – It’s a Common bait that is used to Get fishes.

Advance Bait –  Advance bait has a higher chance to get better fish.

Practice bait –  Practice bait is only to get trained with fishing. it doesn’t give you any better fish item.

How to Cast Bait Successfully

Step 1 –  Select your Bait from Top right corner and Click on Cast line. It will go into water and show you depth.

Step 2 – After Casting please wait until a fish take the bait.

Step 3 – Once Fish Take the Bait the reel will do towards the ground and Give a red color signal. Now you need to turn your reel in a clockwise direction.

When you rotating the reel there is 2 bar at the top first is for Distance Bar and second is the strain Bar.

Distance Bar indicates that how far fish from you. when you reel in distance will reduce. But you can’t reel in fast matter because this will cause strain in you bait wire and it will break. the second bar indicates strain. you need to keep eye on stain bar while rotating and if strain bar gives a red signal then rotate the handle anticlockwise and rotate again to clockwise after the strain is less.

Step 4 – if you successfully make a distance bar to 0 then you will get your reeled fish. and exchange it for reward in the Fishing market.

Update* Quick Method

Once A fish Eat you Bait, Fast Spin Clockwise until strain bar turns red. when strain bar turns red leave your finger off from reel screen for like 1-2 sec. Then Place your finger back and again Fast spin Clockwise and repeat the process till end.

I use to do clockwise and anticlockwise method before I discover this other method, and it is so much easier and better, and once you master it, it’s 100% catch rate no matter what.

Note 1 –  Using Advance Bait has a higher chance than Normal bait to get better fish.

Note 2 –  You will have limited time to reel the fish. So you need to rotate the handle asap to pull the fish up to ensure that the fish does not escape.

Note 3 – The better the quality of the fish, the more spins you have to take to reel it in. furthermore, the line gets tighten easily resulting in you having to release, wait, and spin multiple times before you can catch the fish.

Now you Got your fish and you must be thinking that what should I do with that fish.

Using Fishing items

There are 2 ways to use your Fishing items.

Exchange From Fishman Market: In your city, Near to squirrel you can see Fishman click on that and enter into the market to exchange fish with an item.

In Gears Section, you can see available Gears and Handbook for Fish items.

Donating Fishing Items: you can donate the fish item in clan donation section (Near to Clan Store ). In exchange, you will get some points and clan coin. All Clan members can get rewards and additional Bonus effects once Clan points have to meet certain requirements.

what people should be doing for fishing,

Note 1 –  Buy practice baits to get fishes for clan donations.

Note 2 – Use normal baits on rare spots to get shells.

Note 3 –  Use advanced baits on normal spots so that you can focus on getting the special fishes instead of getting shells which will be a waste.

How to Get More Fishing Baits?

There are few ways you can get Fishing Baits

  • Baits can be obtained from events.
  • From Daily Quests also you can get 2 Normal Baits.
  • you can buy normal baits with Gems. but its limit to 3x every day. and it will cost 100 gems for 1 normal bait.
  • Once Clan Donation Points reached certain requirement it will give normal and advance baits to all clan members so actively donate in Clan to score better.
  • You Can Forge 8 Normal Baits weekly from Old Bald Smithy in Exchange of 200 Stone coins
  • Practice Baits you can buy in exchange for clan coins. but there is a limit of 10 baits per day.and it will cost you around 17500 clan coins for 1 practice bait.
  • Buy Bait Packs.

Success Rate of Getting a Particular Item with Normal Bait and advance Bait

Item Type Normal Bait Advance Bait
Perch 20%
Carp 17%
Golden Magic Turtle 7%
Household Waste 10%
Catfish 20%
Pike 14.08%
Golden Carp 1.30% 10%
A bed of algae 4.00%
Sawfish 3.50% 25%
Dragon Eel 2.70% 30%
Ancient Magic Turtle 0.07% 4.0%
Warchief’s Chamber Pot 0.35% 10.00%
Baby Pliosaur 15%
One Eyed Shark 4.5%
Whale 0.02%
Mr. Catfish Relic 1.48%

Note: Rare Spot has a better chance to get heavy shells but the chance of getting Fishes is same as of normal spot.