How I Got My All T2 in Just 5 Hours

Hi Chief, I did a small experiment on a new server that how fast I can get T2 with no money. and it took just less than 5 hours to get all of my T2 Troops research. I Joined server 417 and at the time I joined there were only 3 people in the whole server lol. I Joined in Blue Horde to get 5% research time reduction.

After Joining a server,  I need a clan so that I can get the benefit of clan help and clan relic but there was no clan as it needs 1000 gold to create a new server. So, I decided to create a clan.

I bought only one pack that cost $0.99 to me. From that, I got some research speedups and normal speeds.

Why I bought $0.99 pack?

Because I need to make a clan and I didn’t have 1000 Coin. Also, I got Some research speedups

What needed for T2

Approx 3 days speed up and 500k mana For Training speed level 5 and All T2.

I am not counting woods, meat, and stone as you will get enough in your bag to make t2.

Building Needed

Temple of wisdom must be Level 8 so you need to make your stronghold level 8. upgrade buildings those needed for Stronghold to save your time. let me tell you exactly which you need with level.

  • Outpost portal keep upgrading till level 8 it needs with every SH level
  • Temple for Wisdom keep upgrading till level 8
  • War Hut Level 5 (For SH 5)
  • Healding Well level 6 (For SH 6)

You can Plan earlier that which building needed to upgrade next SH level.

I didn’t Spend any of my universal speed up to upgrade buildings or Troops training. As I know that I will need in t2.

and I Started Gathering for Mana as soon as I entered in game. i had very less troops as I didn’t use speedups to train more but I able to gather some around 30k before SH level 8.

Everything was ready when I reach SH level 8 and I Got some more speedups with Build Event.

But I had only 120k mana because I exchange an speed up item from Shop. (That Was 3 Hour Speed up in exchange of 150k Mana :D).

I needed 20k Mana for my first t2 so I Borrowed from a clan member he sent me 50k 😀 .  Once I done with my first research I got some 100k mana As reward so next T2 was easy for me.

So this is how I Got all my T2 in Just 2 Hours.

These are the points you should follow if you want to get your T2 ASAP

  • Don’t use universal speedup for Building
  • Join Fully Active Clan so that you can get Clan Help to decrease your building timing.
  • Pickup Clan Relic
  • Don’t Attack Anyone Just Gather Mana
  • Get Resources Help from Clan Member If possible.

If You follow these things you can get T2 even more faster.

I am working on T3 on that Server without spending any money. will update you soon About that too.