How to Get T4 Faster?

In Brutal age, everyone has one thing in mind and that is who gets the t4 first. To get t4 fast, we will get to that part later first we will tell you about why t4 is important.


Why T4 is Important?

T4 is important as well as affordable Troops tier because it does not take years of research like T5 which is only possible if you are ready to put money in the game. if you don’t want to put loads of money but want to be powerful, then you can have t4 which is quite powerful.
In comparison to T5 in power, T5 is only 50% stronger than T4, that means if you have 200k T4 and you are attacked by 100k T5. you will win as a defense. You just need to train more T4.


Any player who plays brutal age for fun and don’t spend much money in the game, their focus is to get t4 fast so that they can overpower those who have lower tier troops. Every good and mindful player plan his building and research which directly and indirectly focussed towards T4. Later on, they shift their focus on other things like march capacity, hospital etc (we will discuss this topic later in different article After T4 Gameplan )

Prerequisites  For T4


  1. Stronghold Lvl – 20
  2. Temple of Wisdom lvl – 20


  1. Training Speed lvl 10
  2. Troop Defence Lvl 11
  3. Each Troop Defence lvl 11
    • Warrior Defence lvl 11
    • Beast Master Defence lvl 11
    • Shaman Defence Lvl 11
  4. Each Troops Health Lvl 11
    • Warrior Health lvl 11
    • Beast Master Health lvl 11
    • Shaman Health Lvl 11
  5. Final Research for All Each Type of T4

Tips For getting T4 Faster

Brutal age is all about planning, so to get T4 faster you need to start working on it as soon as you get T3. Follow these Simple tips to get your T4 faster.

  1. Don’t Forget to change your all talent to research while doing research. It will boost your research time. ( you can switch in between Building as you we need construction speed too.)
  2. Set Runes to Boost you research Speed.
  3. Focus on Building Upgrade that Helps in Building Next Level of Stronghold. (you can check this page to see which building required to reach the next SH level. So that you will be always ready for next level).
  4. Also, Don’t forget to upgrade your temple of wisdom along with outpost portal and other pre-required building.
  5. Don’t Research for all type of T4 at the same time. Select one Type and Follow that tree in research and get the first T4 then focus on 2nd or else it will take lots of time if you follow research tree level wise.
  6. Use your universal speedups only on research.

Here are few tips to get more Speed ups

  1. Try to complete your upgrade/research during the respective event so that you can get event rewards. There you can get a number of 1-hour speedups.
  2. Hunt Monster to get free speedups. (Don’t use gems for spears just use free ones)
  3. Use Clan Coins to get 15-hour speedups.
  4. Harass Squirrel as soon as she wakes up.
  5. Pick Clan Relics (With an Active Clan if you collect relic whole day then you can get more than 10-hour speedups )
  6. Complete Workshop Quest. 

Using Gems

  1. Don’t use gems in Building upgrade (complete now) until you get T4.
  2. You can use gems to buy 1-day speedups.

Spending Money

If you are willing to spend some money then buy packs wisely. Don’t buy $49 and $99 packs. Month pack is the best value pack. It will give daily  24 Hours(approx) speed up and gems. Also, you can buy starter packs of $1.99 & $4.99 weekly.

Written By – Danish Meraj

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