Brutal Age Clan Guide

A Clan Plays a very important role in the brutal age. if you are not in good clan then it will be very hard to survive in the game. In this article, you will get the information about clan like how to join and what are the options in your clan. Also, what are the benefits you will get if you join a clan.

After selecting Horde you will ask to join the clan or create a new clan. and when you will join a clan for the first time you will get 100 Gems.

If you want to be the leader and want to create your own clan go ahead anyone can create your own clan. but be careful create your own clan if you have a good team member who can join you and you can compete with other clan or else you won’t be able to survive it the game.

September Update: Now you Can’t create New Clan Free of Cost. You need to Pay some gems to create a Clan.

A Good Leader Always Sacrifice himself/herself to protect their clanmates

And if you don’t want to create your own clan then join the strongest clan in your horde so that you can grow fast with your team member.

After joining a clan will following options when you click on right bottom corner. let me explain each option one by one.

Brutal Age Clan Options

When you click on clan info you will in see clan states and flat at the top where you can see leader name, clan power, number of member in clan and tiles occupied by all clan members.

After that There is few other options also there that includes members, Totem, War, Clan Help, Clan Store, Manage, Invites (Only Leader and R4 can see this Option) and Clan Gifts.

Members – Here you can See each member name, power and their rank in clan(R1, R2, R3, R4, R5) .

Totem War – This option is for totem activity like you can see totem location and other information related to totem event.

Clan Help – Here you can See the list of Clan members who is asking for help to reduce their construction. You can also see what buildings construction he/she doing.

P.S – For Clan Help there is another option also given on the main screen.

Clan Store – In Clan Store, you can Exchange item with your clan coins. Know about Clan Coins here —> Clan Coins Guide

Manage – For Normal member there is only one option give to quit the clan but Leader and R4 can see other options like Change Description of clan, transfer the leadership to other players.

Invites – Clan Leader and R4 can only see this option to check option. This option to find all invitations who want to join the clan.

Clan Gift – This option is not is use as of now.

Benefits of joining a clan in Brutal Age

There are many Benefits of joining a clan.

Joining Bonus – You will get 100 Gems when you first join any clan.

Event Benefit – Many Events like smilodon, wolves etc are based on clan you you will loose reward if you are not in good clan.

Clan Coins – You must be in a clan to get clan coins and exchange item from clan store.

Rally : After Joining a clan you can start or Join a Rally Attack.

Resources Help : You can Send/Receive Resources to ClanMates.

Reinforcement : You can Send Troops to other clanmates.

So as you can see there is tons of benefits you will get if you are in a clan especially Strong clan. You can hide you solider in stronger members. also with the help of clan mates you can hit you enemy by doing rally attack.


  1. Little Fairy says:

    Hi. I’m a clan leader.
    I want to know what procedure to follow to transfer my entire clan to a different horde? What are the costs? How many times can I do this?

    • admin says:

      Hi Little Fairy,
      To change Horde go to Your Profile –> Hordes then select horde in which you want to go. As if you are a Clan Leader you will See an option to change entire clan horde. That will cost you 50000 Gems for an entire clan. and if you want to change alone then it will cost you 10000 Gems.
      Once you change the horde you can’t go to another horde for the next 14 days. But if you are going to black horde then you can change back anytime, there is no CD for Black Horde.

  2. Sho says:

    If I disband my current clan to join a new one, will I lose all clan coins or can I take them with me to the new clan?

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