Red Nomad King Team Combination (Line Up)

RNK Team Combination

Hi Guy, this article is for those who have RED Nomad King and want to build a team that mainly depends on Red Nomad. We all know that RED Nomad is one of the best Partner that does great damage to be enemies. and With IAN Set it becomes more effective as it heals himself as per damage. So I will list some combination with War Pattern that will purely be based on Red Nomad King. Let’s start

the very first thing you need a “Red Nomad King

War Pattern For Red Nomad King –

4 IAN + 2 Wolf (Left Hand ATK% + Helmet CR% + Right Hand ATK% ) Use ATK%, RES%, CR% , CRD% in substat.

Make sure you RNK has good ATK, CR, CRD, and RES. Here below is the best example for RNK. try to achieve like below image but it’s very hard to get all those stats. but more close to this stat more better.

I would suggest you to follow 2nd image to balance all main stats (ATK, CR, CRD, and RES).

So Now your RNK is Ready, its time to list all support partner.

Support Partners for Red Nomad Team

  1. RED Drum Beater
  2. Red Ghost
  3. Red Colonol
  4. Blue Nomad King
  5. RED God of Earth

War Pattern for Each –

RED Drum Beater –  Drum Beater will provide Sheild to RNK and will provide immunity to RNK so that RNK won’t get Stunned. Also, Drum Beater will give CR and ATK increase for the team. that will make your RNK super beast.

For Red Drummer, Focus on More SPD and HP. Try to attain 90+ speed and 15k+ HP and also focus on some RES and HIT.

RED Ghost – RED ghost the only purpose is to Revive the RNK So focus on SPD and HP and RES. Make sure your RED ghost has the highest HP in your whole team so that it won’t die in the first place. Keep 80+ speed and 15k+ HP

Red Colonel – Everyone knows the purpose of red colonel it helps to provide immunity to the team. so focus on spd as much as you can. and make HP as a 2nd priority. use her against speed and stun team.

Blue Nomad King – Focus on SPD, HP, and RES.

RED GOD Of Earth – Can be helpful to control enemies. Put Saya on him and focus on HP, SPD, ATK, CR. keep the moderate speed around 50+.

Team Combinations

  • RNK (Leader) + RED GHOST + RED Drum Beater + RED Colonel
  • RNK (Leader) + RED GHOST + RED Drum Beater + RED God Of Earth
  • RNK (Leader) + RED GHOST + RED Drum Beater + Blue Nomad King
  • RNK (Leader) + RED GHOST + 2nd RNK + RED Colonel

Purpose – if you noticed that all combination is of red color except one. any enemy team will go for lowest HP partner with their main skill. and We have RNK with lowest HP that means RNK will get more hit and more chances to encounter the attacker. the Main Purpose of the team is to keep RNK alive and not get stunned. RED Ghost Revive with unyielding for 2 rounds meanwhile RNK will recover some HP in 2 Round. RED Drummer Beater will give him a shield and also increase in CR and CRD for the Team.

Make sure that your Ghost has High Hp so that if RNK dead enemy should not hit Ghost or else you will loose because we don’t have any healer in the team.

Weak Against

the team is weak against Blue Dagger team and All BNK Team. but if you attain all stat very good you can even beat the blue team too.

Special Thanks to XnightsnowX

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