Beginner Guide For Dragonkin System

In this Guide, we will tell you All the basic things related to Dragonkin system in Brutal age. Dragonkin is another type of system that will give various type of bonuses. Also, They have plenty of other unique skills.

How to unlock New Dragonkins?

First Dragon, Ragehorn, you will get in starting from hatching. Other’s Dragonkins can be unlocked from the shards and special event.

What are the types of Dragonkins’ skills?

As of now, there are 4 type of Skills

Battle Skill – Battle skill can be used to attack the enemy or defeat yourself from the attack. you can increase the level of dragonkin to increase battle skill.

Note:- Battle Skills attack increase based on Troops Tiers and Power

Active Skill – You can use Active skill anytime you want. But there is CD time for each Active Skill. You can reduce CD by Increase star or level up skill of dragonkin.

Aura Skill – This is Permanent skills that can be applied to your dragonkin once unclocked.

Legion Skill – Dragonkin can apply Legion skill to your troops or enemy troops as your partner do.

Upgrading Skill Level

Dragon Crystals can be used to upgrade dragonkin skill. Skill upgrade will give you more bonuses or damage.

How to level up Dragonkins?

You have level up you dragonkins to increase their attack and unlock new skills. To increase the level of Dragonkins you need to Feed him. You can use Free Feed, Secret Fruit feed or Gems feed. Each time when you feed a dragonkins there is a chance that he enjoys that feed and give some extra crit XP Bonus. Bonus can be 2 times, 4 times or 10 times XP.

Special Bonus: Each 10th Feeding on the day give you guaranteed 10 times XP.

Free Feeds: You can get One Free feed daily once you logged into the game.

Gem Feeds: Cost of Feed will Keep on increasing after using multiple times as Wish Tree Gems wish. and it will reset daily.

Increasing Star on Dragonkins

You need to collect Shards to increase Star of your Dragonkin. By increase star, your attack increase and skill will be upgraded that will provide additional benefit.

How to Use Dragon?

You can use a dragon with the march like we put partner with the troops. which can provide a variety of bonuses for your troops. Also, you can let your dragon at your City/outpost to enhance your defense.


Q1. How to Get More Free Feeds?

Ans –

Q2. How to Get More Dragon Crystals?

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