Ragehorn Skills

Ragehorn is the first Dragonkin you will get from the dragonkin land. In this Guide, we will discuss Skills of Ragehorn. and how these skills will help you in growing and fighting. If you don’t know about dragonkins system check out our basic guide for Dragonkins.

Quick Facts

  • You can Level Up Ragehorn upto Level 60
  • After Each 10 Level New Skill will be unlocked.
  • After Each 10 Feed you will get 10x extra XP.
  • Each Feed Will Give you 200 XP.

Ragehorn Skills

Knock (Battle Skill) –

Ragehorn Attack Enemy with his Bulky body and deal damage equal to the 2% (Max 30%) of your troops total attack + 3.77%(100 Attack provides additional damage of 1%)

Knock is very Basic skill that everyone can upgrade it and it’s quite powerful. Let’s suppose if you max your skill and send an attack to the enemy with 200k troops then your attack damage will be equal to the damage from 260k troops. So always take your Ragehorn in battle like you take your partners with them.

Dragonkin’s Blessing: Building (Aura Skill )  – Unlock at Lvl 10

It is permanent skills that will increase your construction speed by 5% (Max 40).

Dragonkin’s Power: Inspiration (Active Skill )  – Unlock at Lvl 20

After using it, your troops attack and defense will increase upto 100% in the single active battle outpost attack. CD:48h

Warrior Defense (Legion Skill )  – Unlock at Lvl 30

Increase Warrior defense by 5% (Max 40)

Dragonkin’s Blessing: Resources (Aura Skill )  – Unlock at Lvl 40

Increase All RSS Production by 5% (Max 40)

Group Defense (Legion Skill )  – Unlock at Lvl 50

Increase Shaman and Beastmaster defense 5% (Max 40)

Rescue (Legion Skill )  – Unlock at Lvl 60

After the Battle, 2% (Max 16) of your lost soldiers(rally soldiers not included) will become hospitalized, but they can’t exceed your healing capacity.

Rescue skill is very helpful. Let’s suppose you have Max level Rescue skill and you sent 300k troops to attack an enemy and your 100k Troops is killed during the battle. With this Skill your 16% of the killed troops that means 48k Troops will be returned to the hospital. it saves almost 50% troops from killing.

Note –  you can upgrade Skill Level to increase the effect of the skill.