New Adventure Stages and War Pattern “Lion” and “owl” Update

After a long wait finally, brutal age team opened 2 new adventure stage “Floating island” and ” Magic Feild” and new war patterns called “Loin” and “owl”. the new war pattern “Lion” set will give you +8% attack bonus for the team. and 2 war pattern required to gain the set bonus.

So where you should use “Lion” War Pattern?

Set of 2 lion war pattern give a team bonus of +8% ATK. So it will be very good for your high damage team where you have at least 2 or 3 high damage partner.

Don’t confuse it with Smilodon, Smilodon doesn’t give team bonus also you need 4 patterns for the set bonus. Smildon is good if you are using it on one partner in your team. if you are using smilodon on 2 or more partner in your current team then you should change smilodon to new lion pattern.

Owl War Pattern

Owl war pattern can be obtained from “Magic Feild” adventure. A Set of 2 owl war pattern gives +10% RES for the team. As we know RES Protect us from debuffs. So if you use 1 owl Set on each partner on your team it will boost +40% RES for the whole team. and your team gonna be very strong against Stun, Freeze, silence or any other debuff team. Also using one set is not gonna make a big difference on the main stat for your partner.

Are Floating island and  Magic Feild is good for farming?

Both stages have a very good partner in the opposite side so it will be hard to farm your 3-star partner for XP. But if you want to farm the only soul then Magic Feild adventure normal stage (10-6) that cost only 3 energy gives you ~2121 Souls and if you sell owl war pattern then I will cost around 700-900 Souls. that is the best stage for framing Soul only. you can check out our adventure farming guide for more details.

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