Peace Shield

Peace Shield protects you from attack and scout on your outpost. You can activate Pease shield if you are not playing for some hours to keep your troops and resources Safe. It is the very powerful item and it can save you from many troubles. Peace Shield Cost/Value The Peace Shield has several different lengths … Read more

Clan Coins

Clan Coin is a type of currency which can be used to buy items from clan store. And the Good thing is you don’t need to spend real money to get these coins. But you must join a clan to get clan coins. There are serval ways to get more clan coins. Let’s discuss all of … Read more

Demon killer Partner Skills and War Pattern Guide

Demon Killer

Hello Chief, Today we are going to discuss about most powerful Partner in a brutal age that can be easily found with spending few golden turtles. You will get Red Demon Killer for free when you open the partner system for the first time in the game. I used the term most powerful because if … Read more