Partner System – Know the Basics

Partner System Basics

Hello Chiefs, If you are new to Brutal age then you might find difficulty in understanding about partner or heroes. This Guide Will cover all the basics that will help you to understand the partner system. So What are Partners and how they are helpful? Well, Partners are the heroes of your army, they are … Read more

Brutal Age Partner Guide – Updated 2019

In this section, you will find a guide to all blue/Red/Green partners from the tier list. This is what I consider to be the best practice for each of these partners war pattern setups. I hope this helps guide you towards a better partner team, and better partners overall. By “Natural” I mean the stars … Read more

War Patterns

War Pattern Guide Basics

What is a war pattern? War Patterns are the pieces of armor for your partners to wear which will enhance their base stats. Base stats are the stats of a partner without any armor or extra buffs/ abilities (the white number). There are 6 different Pieces of armor, Helmet, Left Arm, Right Arm, Chest, Left … Read more

Partner Awakening Guide

Partner Awakening is an advanced feature in the brutal age. And The item used in Partner Awakening is so precious. So Don’t waste on random partners. Before start awakening, you should know which Partner is good. And once you choose your partner and the Put a perfect Pair of war Pattern then awake that partner … Read more


Here is a few Quick Tips on what adventure to farm for fast souls / XP  If You want to Grow your Partners then you need Souls to enhance it and you probably do not want to waste gems to buy souls because you can easily get it from playing adventure follow my tip to … Read more

Brutal Age Clan Guide

A Clan Plays a very important role in the brutal age. if you are not in good clan then it will be very hard to survive in the game. In this article, you will get the information about clan like how to join and what are the options in your clan. Also, what are the … Read more

Month Card

If You Planning to buy a pack from brutal age shop then you must saw month card pack and might not able to understand how it will work if you buy this pack. Don’t Worry Here you will get all the information about month card and how much Gems, resources, and speedups you will get … Read more

How to Destroy Outpost In Brutal Age

In Brutal Age, You can Get maximum of 5 Outpost after doing research but at starting, you got 1 outpost when you start playing. If you are Reading the article then there might be 2 reason one is you want to destroy enemy outpost and another is that you want to destroy your own so … Read more


When we Start Playing Game then after some few steps it asks to choose your Horde (Color) for the game. So it will difficult for you to choose as you don’t know which horde is good for which stage. Don’t worry today we will cover it all. There is total of 6 color horde are … Read more