Partner System – Know the Basics

Partner System Basics

Partner System Basics

Hello Chiefs, If you are new to Brutal age then you might find difficulty in understanding about partner or heroes. This Guide Will cover all the basics that will help you to understand the partner system.

So What are Partners and how they are helpful?

Well, Partners are the heroes of your army, they are the one who fights first before your troops army. and if they win then it will give an extra boost to your army or weaken the opponent army based on your partner legion.

You can Open partner system when you reached level 6 stronghold

So if you want to kill/hospitalize more enemy troops then you should win the partner battle. and for that, you should know which partner is good and how it works.

Don’t worry we will move to it in some time but before that let’s understand partner attributes.

Partner Attributes

There is a total of 3 color/attribute of partners  – Brave (Red), Wise (Blue) and Wild (Green).

Red > Green > Blue > Red 

Now understand the above indications, Red is Stronger than Green and Green is stronger than blue likewise Blue is Stronger than Red. So if your Enemy has more Green Partner defending then you should select your red partner to attack him. Here stronger doesn’t mean that Red can always beat Green. There are many factors like which partner you are using their star and stats.

Partner Stars  – Star Represent the Level the max level at partner can reach. higher the star, higher your partner level can be. As of now, you can have a max 6-star partner and level 40 it can reach. you can increase your partner star using evolution system in the altar.

Level – It shows the level of your partner when you increase the level of your partner then its stats also increase.

Batter Skills –  Each Partner have their own unique skills. there are minimum 3 skills and max 5 skills partner can have. (excluding 1 or 2-star partner).

Leader Skill – Some Partner Have a special skill that can be in effect if you choose that partner as leader of the team in an attack.

Legion Skill – Some Partner has Legion skill if partner survives the attack and win the battle the legion skill will apply to army attack.

What are Partners stats?

Now let’s talk about partner stats. There is total 8 stats each partner have.

HP – Amount of Health/power your partner Have.

ATK – Damage you can partner can do.

DEF –  More defense your partner has less damage he/she received.

Speed – Speed can help to speed up your action bar. when the action bar reaches max your partner take action. so More speed than more faster your partner get chance to attack.

CR – CR is chance of getting a critical hit. Higher CR gets higher chance to of critical damage. its always starts with 15% in each partner.

CRD – It’s an bonus Damage you will get if your attack is CR attack.

Res – Change to avoid debuff.

Hit – Higher hit has the higher chance to inflict debuff.

Note: SPD, CR, CRD, RES and HIT stats can only be increased by Leader skill, Pattern and Partner awakening.

What is War Pattern?

A pattern is use to enhance the stats of a partner. Here I have written a separate article of War Pattern guide.

What is Partner Awakening?

Awakening the partner can unlock extra skill to partner. only a few partners can be awakened.

Here A Separate Article for Partner Awakening Guide

How to Get Partners?

there are 3 main way to get partners.

  1. Adventure.

  2. Turtles.

  3. Partners shards from the lonely warrior or crafted at Old Bald Smithy.

Pro Tips: 

  • Higher Level (4 or 5 ) partners are very hard to get. So don’t use them in evolving. either use for skill enchane or keep it to fight.
  • Not all Partners are good. Read this Article for finding which are the best partner in brutal Guide

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