FrostFire Event Guide

This is a general guide for Frost Fire based on the current user (XnightsnowX) experience. It might not be the best so if your clan have their own strategy, please go ahead and follow it.



Frost Fire Event is an event that only the top 5 clans in the server can join, and in which only 30 members from each clan are able to participate in it. Your clan name will be written in the event page if your clan qualifies.

R4/R5 are able to register the timing for the event, and select the players that are joining. You don’t have to fill all 30 slots. It is only the max number you can bring along but there is a minimum number of 5.


The purpose of frostfire event is like a simulation for server wars. It allows you to compete for objectives, and for you to try out techniques, strategies, or anything insane that you want. All troops injured/killed during the event will automatically revert back to normal once the event end and no resources will be consumed as well.

Critical Things To Note

  1. Bookmark all your outpost location before the event start. This allows you to find back your strategic outpost after the event.
  2. The entire clan will share a total of only 10 advanced teleports.
  3. Every portal occupied will earn your clan 3 advanced teleports. Max you can get is 12 extra advanced teleports (4 portals)
  4. Everybody will be given 1 X Limited-Time advanced teleport and 2 X Limited-Time friendly teleport.
  5. No usage limit of friendly teleport, but random teleport is not allowed.
  6. Only one outpost will be ported over to the initial starting point (protection area).
  7. No one can attack you in the protection area. so if you don’t have much troops to defend go back to the protection area. and support from there itself.
  8. If your outpost durability get reduced to 0, you will be automatically sent back to the starting point
  9. Each player can only dispatch one force towards one building, including rally attacks
  10. Partners morale effects and march speed will be greatly boosted during the event.
  11. This means that partners are critical here!
  12. Never heal troops unless they are quick and easy to heal. This is because once the event end, all your troops will automatically be healed so don’t raise the rss or speed up.

Clan points VS Personal Points VS Occupation Points

There are 2 kinds of points in the event. Clan points (overall), and personal points (Individual ranking). Both will give you different rewards depending on your ranking.

How to get clan points?

  1. Capturing and holding buildings/min

How to get personal points?

  1. Capturing and holding buildings and ensuring you have at least 1 troop inside
  2. Hospitalising enemy troops (t1 does not give any points)

How to get Occupation Points

  1. The first clan that occupies the building, will have occupation points given to all those with troops inside the building upon securing the building.


FrostFire Map

FrostFire Map

Objectives, Timer, and Points

Key Strategies

  • One squad to port to own objective, rally and join it.
  • Everybody to send troops if possible so that you will get the personal points. Even one troop is sufficient.
  • Meanwhile, rest of members try to secure other objectives around the map. Once secured, everybody to send troops over as well.
  • Once temple cooldown is up, another squad to rally and secure temple. As per the same, everybody to send troops
  • Focus on getting portal for the extra advance teleport and for healing spring if needed for fast healing.
  • CRITICAL: Since personal rewards are limited, always ensure ALL marches are out and in buildings in order to collect as many points as possible.
  • For strong fighters, fight to get more points
  • NEVER advanced port unless you know what you are doing or unless instructed by your leaders. If all advanced port are being used improperly, you could get your entire clan stuck!
  • If your clan is confident, go ahead and contest for enemy totem as well.
  • Secure as many buildings as possible especially those with high points to ensure your points per minute is always greater than your opponent.

Advanced Tips

Always track this page to keep track of the cd for different objective and the different points allocated. Since the cooldown are all different, you have to keep switching focus on the smaller objectives in order to ensure you are always going for those with the highest points.

Post Frost Fire event

You will be given 4 Limited-Time advanced teleports and 2 Limited-Time friendly teleports once the event ends for you to reposition your outpost. Use them within the next 24 hours before they disappear.

If you have any other doubts related to frostfire event, feel free to ask in comment section below.

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Written by — XnightsnowX


  1. Gamer says:

    What is the required power of a clan to be enlisted in the top 5 clans for frost fire?
    Recently had issues with my main clan(rank 1 in power) so i left for 4th clan in power with 65m power.
    I’m not sure if my new clan will be enlisted or not

  2. admin says:

    It will be enlisted.

  3. Craig says:

    What if I am housing other clan members troops can I still go to frost fire event

    • admin says:

      Hi Craig,
      if you join the FrostFire event, your clan member troops those are in your outpost will be automatically moved to their outpost.

  4. Ana says:

    How do one get clan Marks for trading?

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