Rudolph War Pattern And Skill Analysis

Did you got Any color Rudolph from the Exclusive xmas Partner Event?. if yes, then let’s check out the war pattern and skill analysis. Red Rudolph War Pattern And Skill Analysis Leader Skill – Increase All Partners (Brave) ATK By 40%  Skill 1 –  Power of Nature Attack an enemy with hooves and it has 75% chance … Read more

Scarecrow War Pattern And Skill Analysis

Well, when scarecrow was introduced in the game people use to say that it is the worst partner ever in the brutal age. but after the awakening system, they introduced new skill for scarecrow after 3 stars awakened and then its become more powerful especially the Green scarecrow. Note: Any color Scarecrow is only useful when its … Read more

FAQ – Wounded Vs Dead Troops

So today we will clear a very basic doubt people ask when they start playing. Sometimes they see troops are hospitalized and sometimes its been killed. don’t worry we will tell you what is wounded troops and dead troops. also on which condition it will be wounded or dead. Wounded/ Hospitalized Troops  Wounded Troops are not … Read more

List of All Buff / Debuff With Their Meaning

Some partner has the ability to put Buff on itself and teammates. and some can put debuff on the enemy. In this guide, we listed all the Buffs and Debuffs with their meaning that used in brutal age partner system. Buff – A Buff is a temporary positive effect placed on the partner. and give some … Read more

FrostFire Event Guide

This is a general guide for Frost Fire based on the current user (XnightsnowX) experience. It might not be the best so if your clan have their own strategy, please go ahead and follow it. [toc] General Frost Fire Event is an event that only the top 5 clans in the server can join, and … Read more

Desert Prince War Pattern and Skills Analysis

Desert Prince is the one of the Rare 5 star partner that was launched first time during Ramadan 2018 Event. and believe me its worth spending money on him rather than other trash 5 stars. it is the best Controlling and damage Partner. Red Desert Prince War Pattern and Skills Analysis Leader Skill – Increase … Read more

Bape War Pattern and Skill Analysis

New Partner Bape seems to be more powerful. From his Skills, we can analyze that blue bape is good as it has counter and taunt ability. Also, It can apply enduring healing for the team. look like its a combination of support and attack partner. make sure you put enough HP and DEF. Red Color … Read more

Guitarist War Pattern and Skill Analysis

Guitarist and colonel are similar partners but colonel is more powerful as she is a 5-star partner. Guitarist is also best support partner that heal and revive your teammate in battle. So if you are looking for a good healer in your team then guitarist can be a good choice. RED Guitarist War Pattern and … Read more

Dragonman War Pattern and Skill Analysis

if you are making a speed team then you should add Green Dragonman in your team. because it is the very common partner in game and everybody can have it to max skill level. His speed enhance skill is unbeatable. Some people found red dragon also useful but blue is trash for everyone. Red Dragonman … Read more