Berserker War Pattern and Skill Analysis

we often think that 3-star partners are waste and they can’t be helpful as we proceed further in the game but there are exceptions like boar and berserker. Berserker is a very good partner that can be a great support partner for your team. Red Berserker War Pattern and Skill Analysis Leadership Skill: None Skill … Read more

Dragonkin Arena Basic Introduction

Dragonkin Arena is a battleground for your dragons. You can use your dragonkin to attack all type on the enemy monsters to earn rewards.  How to Play Tap on the monster to attack. Attack Type Ordinary Attack: Click on Screen to attack an enemy and gain Fury. Critical Attack: Normal Attack has a chance to get … Read more

Catfish Fighter War Pattern and Skill Analysis

Catfish Fighter

Catfish Fighter can obtain by fishing only. you need to collect 100 catfish medal shard to successfully summon a random color catfish fighter. Let’s See Her skills and what war pattern can be a good fit for her. Green Catfish is Mostly used by many Players. [toc] Red Catfish Fighter War Pattern and Skill Analysis … Read more

Black Shaman War Pattern and Skill Analysis

You must have seen blue black shaman in many Leader’s teams during ranked match event. yes, it very popular among speed and control team. Let’s check out war pattern and skill analysis for each color. [toc] Red Black Shaman War Pattern and Skill Analysis Leadership Skill – Increase Speed of all partner by 19% Skill 1 … Read more

Partner Balancing Update December 2018 – Details

There is Partner balance adjustment is done in recent brutal age update. So which partner effected in this balancing update. let’s check out. Red and Blue Long Face  3rd Skill (Old) Summon an array with undead power. the hand of undead will drag all enemy to the ground. Attack and Slow Down All enemy for … Read more

Brutal Age Funny Memes

Golden Turtle are the greatest

Hi chief, In this section, I have collected some Memes Related to Brutal Age. Note: Some of these memes are created by me and some are taken from the internet. Brutal Age Memes Racist Brutal age Meme   When the Developer is High on Weed Wanna See Golden Turtle Magic? When someone beats you in … Read more