How to Increase Army March Capacity Size in Brutal age

March Capacity

We all want to increase army march capacity so that can send more troops while attacking, reinforcing, in rally and gathering resources. In this guide, we will tell you all the possible way to increase more march capacity in Brutal age. You have seen people attacking with marching capacity more than 450k (top level players). … Read more

Profile Guide

Hello Cheif, Today we will Cover basic details of your profile. How you can check your stat, edit your name, avatar, outpost, etc. Basically, there is 2 type of Profile in Brutal Age. Let’s discuss first your information profile. [toc] Information Profile You can access your information profile by clicking your Power stat in Red … Read more

Nomad King Partner Skills And War Pattern Guide

Hello Chief, In this Guide, we will talk about one the rare partner that is very hard to get unless you spend a lot of money. But when you got your Nomad king, don’t do the wrong build. Because it’s very rare and also the most powerful partner in the brutal age. First Let’s discuss … Read more

How to Save, Retrieve and Edit Bookmarks in Brutal Age

Bookmarking is Cool! Right? It helps to save the locations for your favorite locations. Even you can mark your friend and enemy as bookmark. In this guide, we will tell you how can save, edit and retrieve bookmarks. To be honest, when I started brutal age I get to know how to save bookmark easily. … Read more

20 Ways to Get More Resources in Brutal Age

Hi Cheif, After Certain Level, you always lack in resources. And without resource you can’t build, train or research. Resources are the main thing that you need for almost every task that helps you grow. today we will tell you all the possible way to get more resources. 20 Ways to Get More Resources in … Read more

Sacred Fire

Sacred Fire Give you an extra bonus effect when you burn it. In Every 8 Hour you need to Burn it and it gives a bonus that can be Traning speed, Research Speed, Production speed etc. and that effect CD time is 8 hour. It can help you in your development you just need to … Read more

Double-Blade Girl Partner Skills and War Pattern Guide

Today we will discuss another 4-star partner which you can use if high damage needed. Double-Blade Girl attack deals so much damage. But It has Drawback that HP is too less that she might not survive¬†even one round. Let’s discuss her skills and war pattern and in which condition Double blade Girl can be a … Read more

Bearspaw Partner Skills and War Partner Guide

Bearspaw is high difference partner that deal lots of damage if he has more HP. You can use it with the team if you don’t have any high damage player on the team. Here we will discuss his skills and partner suggestions. Red Bearspaw Partner Skills and War Partner Guide Leadership Skill – It Will … Read more

Fierce Beast Partner Skills and War Pattern Guide

Hi Chief Today we will discuss about another good 4-star partner. Yes if you are thinking that Fierce is of no use and going to trash it to evolve other then you are completely¬†wrong. Fierce beast skills are very good all you need a good team with him and best war pattern. In today guide … Read more

4-Star Partner Smilodon Guide

In this Guide, we will talk about a new 4-star Partner Smilodon that you might got recently during “Mid-Autumn” Event. If not all then I am sure that at least one you got. So Here we will discuss his Skills and Which War Pattern is good for that. Red Smilodon Skills and War Pattern Recommendation … Read more