Executor War Pattern & Skill Analysis

The executor is a High Damage Player but you should choose him wisely because it may not work well again any enemy team. lets analysis Executor skills and what pattern is suitable for him. RED Executor War Patter & Skill Analysis Leadership Skill – Increase All partner ATK By 33% Skill 1 – Lunge Attack … Read more

Red Nomad King Team Combination (Line Up)

Hi Guy, this article is for those who have RED Nomad King and want to build a team that mainly depends on Red Nomad. We all know that RED Nomad is one of the best Partner that does great damage to be enemies. and With IAN Set it becomes more effective as it heals himself … Read more

Sharkie War Pattern & Skill Analysis

if you bought the elite pass during the brutal season then you must have got all three new 4-star Skarkie Partner along with other awesome rewards. Sharkie is a support partner that is mainly rely on defense. lets see which color Sharkie is good and what war pattern you should consider. RED Sharkie War Pattern … Read more

Troops Eating Meat? Here is the Solutions!!

You worked hard to gather lots of meats so that you can upgrade your buildings the next day. But when you wake up the next day and open brutal age, you see all meat is gone 🙁 . Because your troops have eaten all the unprotected meat. To solve this problem earlier what people use … Read more

Little Flower War Pattern & Skill Analysis

the little flower is one of the selected 4 stars and can be helpful during ranked matches. let’s see what pattern is fit for him and how he is a good support partner. Red Little Flower War Pattern & Skill Analysis Leadership Skill: None Skill 1  – Bite Bites an enemy with a sharp fangs. … Read more

Isylord War Pattern & Skill Analysis

Isylord is an exclusive partner that can only be obtained from the frostfire land event. But unlike me, you need lots of patience to collect those tokens that help to get Isylord. because there are other exchange rewards like 2k gems and epic war pattern are very good and you don’t want to skip it. So … Read more

Blind Judge War Pattern & Skill Analysis

Blind Judge is ATK and Support Partner. and can fit in you SPD, Control team easily. let’s check out what war pattern can be a good fit on her. RED Blind Judge War Pattern & Skill Analysis Leadership Skill: Increase ATK of All Team Partner by 33%. Skill 1 – Searing Fire Attack an Enemy … Read more

Dragon Shaman War Pattern & Skill Analysis

Dragon Shaman is Control partner is a brutal age. it can be good support for your team if you choose with a team combination. Controlling the enemy partner is the key to winning the battle. let’s check out Dragon shaman skills and what pattern can fit on him. RED Dragon Shaman War Pattern & Skill … Read more

Valor the Tusk War Pattern & Skill Analysis

Brutal age recently added a 5-star partner in the game. and it seems to be very good but as usual, it cost you much more but trust me it is worth to spend on valor the tusk. Also, there is a new artifact is there that can only be unlocked by obsidian turtles turtle so … Read more