Marksman War Pattern & Skill Analysis

Marksman is an ATK partner which deal massive damage to multiple enemies. but the only drawback is she has very less HP. and due to that she can’t survive for long in battle. you can use her with your spd team for best outpost and also make sure she has enough speed to get her … Read more

Boar War Pattern and Skill Analysis

Blue Boar

Boar is DEF partner if you just started in the game then Boar is very good choice. Because it’s easy to find even from the adventure stage you can get it. you can use it as a tank in your team. [toc] RED Boar War Pattern and Skill Analysis Leadership Skill – None Skill 1 –  … Read more

Jello War Pattern and Skill Analysis

Red Jello

Jello is a powerful partner with the ability to heal teammates. Can replace RED Guitarist. Let’s check out his skill and what pattern is good for Jello. [toc] RED Jello War Pattern and Skill Analysis Leadership Skill – None Skill 1 – Acid Hunting Attack an enemy and recover HP equal to 20% of the damage dealt. … Read more

Lil Ghost War Pattern and Skill Analysis

Red Lil Ghost is a trend nowadays. you must have seen a combination of nomad and red ghost team in ranked matches. Ghost is a support partner that can revive enemy with 100% action bar. that’s mean you can use it revive you high damage partner like RED Nomad, Blue Dagger, Scarecrow etc. Let check … Read more

How Your Partners Choose their Target In Battle

Partner Battle

Partners don’t attack randomly they attack in some pattern. In this guide, you will learn how partner choose their target while in battle. this is based on what I observed. I have analyzed more than 20 battle report and I got these results. There are several types of situation partners have during a fight. 1. … Read more

Basic Guide on Artifacts System

artifact system

Artifact is a special kind of partner equipment that can enhance your partner skill just like war pattern but the effect is not as great as war pattern. Also, artifacts can provide special artifact skills too. In this basic guide, we will discuss basic of artifacts system like when it will open and what are the effects it … Read more

Fencer Swift War Pattern and Skill Analysis

New 4 star Partner Fencer Swift from Recent Laba Festival event does not seem as great as cha-cha. if you are not able to get Fencer then don’t worry brutal age adding new partner on every festival event. so you might have a chance to get a new partner in another event. Those who got any color … Read more

New Partner Cha-Cha War Pattern And Skill Analysis

Brutal age adding new partners too frequently and each time they introduce a more powerful partner. The New Partner Cha Cha is another powerful partner. But again this will cost a lot. Let’s see his skills and what war pattern you can put on him. Also how it can be useful. [toc] Red Cha-Cha War … Read more